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my machine agitates before it adds any water and then adds

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my machine agitates before it adds any water and then adds water and continues to agitate. Before it use to fill and agitate and the stop and fill more if needed whats going on?

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unfortunately this is a common issue on these, your water level switch is bad, | WHIRLPOOL Switch - Sen, part number: AP4459660you need to replace it, heres a link to the part, its the switch you set the water level with, the one farthest to the left on the control panel.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
this model doesnot have a level setting knob it is a load sennsing model it does the water level automaticly
well they don't call it a water level control but thats basically what is and does, it senses the water, it has a hose from the tub to the switch thats senses the water, trust me this is the issue, its what controls the level , we replace a lot of these, if you open the control panel you will see a clear rubber hose connected to it, this hose sends pressure to the switch and tell it to start agitating when the water is in the machine, its failed so the machine starts agitating even before the water is in.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
the problem im having with that is we cant figure out how to open the control panel itself My husband has tried but cant seem to find the trick to it
yes , hold on I'll get you a video,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
thank you
your machine is made by whirlpool, in other words its the same a the whirlpool in this video, yours is the toughest to open of course, anyway watch the beginning of this video, it shows 3 type of control panels, your is the 3rd and has the hidden clips that hold the panel, one of the hardest to open, they tell you to push the tub over and reach in to release the clips but on the left side you need to be extremely careful not to break the lid switch, I usually use a very thin putty knife and slide it in between the cabinet and the control panel to release these so I don't break the lid switch but you can do it the way they show if you wish, heres the video, thanks Bryan
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