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F2 (motor assembly) code coming up in Fisher & Paykel single

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F2 (motor assembly) code coming up in Fisher & Paykel single drawer dishwasher. have followed instructions and cleared drain filter, spray arm and filter plate. Think I've also cleared the motor assembly area (but not sure I've completely removed the motor assembly as per instructions as after unlocking the rotor locking ring the assembly was very difficult to remove so although I pulled stuff out maybe not the whole assembly?). Found no material in at any stage of cleaning. F2 code still flashing up and F1 (flood swtich activitated) is now showing too.

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did you take the rotor assembly apart like it shows in this video, ? this video also covers the F-1 code, follow the instructions in the video and you should be up and running in no time, if cleaning the rotor assembly doesn't work you will need to replace it.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.


video is very helpful but I've still got a problem. It appears in the video that the unit comes up easily - my doens't and I really need to yank it out pulling very hard at it. The video also reveals a "well" of water once the assembly is removed however when I remove my unit I'm left with a metal post and a stopper - so no well. I've just tried to remove the post with plyers but after giving it a good tug I'm nervous I'll do damage (not my dishwasher I'm a renter). Your thoughts? thanks

so your rotor doesn't come out in one piece? if you rent this place I wouldn't force this because you may damage the unit and that would be bad, does your landlord not pay for service on the appliances? if so call them, you need to replace the rotor assembly and you shouldn't have to pay for that.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes, it doesn't seem too (at least not like the video). I have logged a repair with my agent but wanted to fix myself if I could in case they try to stick me with the repair costs. They are pretty lousey agents. But thanks for your help.
your welcome, the video covers everything that needs to be done on yours, unfortunately your kinda in a bind with your agents, hopefully they will take care of the cost, its not something you broke its a common problem. thanks and very best wishes, Bryan
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