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We self cleaned two different oven units of our thermador c301u

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We self cleaned two different oven units of our thermador c301u and c302u and now neither if them will heat. Why would they both go bad?

SubZero_Wolf Expert :

Hello, I can help you with this. There is an over temp switch located on leach unit next to the lock motor behind the metal grill. If you remove the grill and lock cover you will see a black disc quarter sized with two wires going to it. There is a red button on the top of the disc. Depress the button and the unit should work. Each oven cavity has one. If that doesn't work we will need to use a multimeter to further diagnose. Make sure you turn off the breaker before removing the cover. Let me know what you find. thanks, Sam

Customer: Where is lock motor?
Customer: Is this the plate in the back?
SubZero_Wolf Expert :

All the items are located in the front directly under the control panel. You should see the grill if you open the door.

Customer: Got the cover in front of lock off. Two wires going to the button which turns off light black disc
Customer: Got grill off. Two wires going to light switch. No black disc seen
Customer: Got cover off. Two wires going to light switch when door closes. No button
SubZero_Wolf Expert :

Behind the grill to the left of the light switch is a black metal box that covers the lock arm. The box slides out and exposses the disc

SubZero_Wolf Expert :

it is in the center covering the metal arm that is sticking out at you.

Customer: Thin black box on top but doesn't slide. There is a silver bar I can push that acts like a button
SubZero_Wolf Expert :

The silver bar is the lock motor arm the box that surrounds it will pull/slide out towards you. Once yo uremove the cover you will have access to reset button. I know that it is there all Thermadors have it....

Customer: Sorry for being a little slow! The silver bar is part of the lock arm for the door. There is a silver thin piece whichnwhen pushed pushes the button behind the lock arm. I can't get anything to move or slide and the local arm doesn't move
Customer: The box is screwed in it appears
SubZero_Wolf Expert :

The goal is to remove the cover that is over that arm. Next to the arm motor is the reset button. I'm sorry to say but I don't think I can describe it any better. The box/lox cover has to be removed to get to the reset button. It is front serviceable for sure. If you have unsrewed the front grate and still cannot access the box, I would recomend having onther person in the house give it a go. there must be something that your not seeing/doing.

Customer: Turns out I found it. No sliding box. There is a button on top of a black and silver component. This is located to the right of the lock arm. No sliding necessary. It is working now. Thanks for your help!
SubZero_Wolf Expert :

Glad to help, sorry it was difficult. Some things are easy in person hard via chat. Please remember to accept in order for me to be compensated. This call will stay open after that for several days, if you have any further questions on it. Thanks

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