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Jon, Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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My refrigerator keeps beeping. What can I do to fix it?

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My GE refrigerator keeps beeping. I have checked all the doors, reset the water filter, unplugged and repulsed it in. What else am I missing?

Jon Grella :


A beeping tone can come from a number of different places and yes, like you said the most common is the door or water filter. But there are many more too.

Is there any lights that flash with the beeping tone too?

Is there a temp alarm on your machine?

Please get back to me so we can put the machine into a diagnostic check mode to see what is malfunctioning

Customer :No lights flashing or temp alarm
Jon Grella :

Ok. Just the beeping

The main display is in the freezer door on your model correct?

Customer : Yes, stops then starts again repeating for about a minute then repeats cycle
Jon Grella :

Is that where you hear the beeping?

Does the display give you a temp reading?

Something like freezer 0 and ref 37

You may have to hit the temp setting button to get it to display the temps

I can walk you through a few things to determine what is wrong with it

Do you have a couple of minutes?

Customer : There is no temp reading on my control panel. I only have the following touch pad buttons: water, crushed ice, cubes ice, lock controls, reset water filter and light
Jon Grella :


And no indication for what is beeping?

Is the machine in a cooling cycle? Do you hear the compressor running?

Have you had a power surge lately?

Customer : For a second the water reset button illuminated. I held for 3 seconds to reset as instructed. That stopped the beeping for about a minute, only to return to beeping.
Jon Grella :

Have you recently changed the water filter?

Customer : It has stopped beeping for longer periods not before returning to the beeping. Last filter change was about 2 years ago
Jon Grella :

Did you loose power recently?

Customer : No, but I did unplug and replug the refrigerator in to reset the computer and stop the beeping
Jon Grella :

Ok. Try holding the water filter button for at least ten seconds then release

Customer : I've done that several times, it seems to have stopped beeping for the last 10 minutes
Jon Grella :

Ok and you are sure that both doors are completely shut?

Sometimes we have food that gets stuck in the way of the door and we don't realize it. Or other times the gasket around the door can be broken or off and causing the door to not close either

Customer : Yes, absolutely and I have cleaned the gaskets and door frame. Gaskets are flexible and not rigid
Jon Grella :

Please check both doors are closing and making complete contact with the ref cabinet. All the way around

Good. I assume there were no tears either?

Customer : Yes both doors are securely closed, 15 minutes since last beeping
Correct, gaskets are in good condition. Sounds like the only beeping alarms are tied to open doors and water filter changes?
Jon Grella :

Good. When it starts to beep again, if it does, I want you to open both doors and hold down the door switches and see if that stops the beeping. Do one side at a time

Yes that is correct.

Customer : Ok, seems to have stopped for now. Any other advice if it continues and the door switch test is not effective?
Jon Grella :

If door switch test doesn't work try taking out the water filter

Don't worry the machine can still operate normally without it.

Take filter out for 30 mins or so and see if the alarm goes away then.

Customer : Did remove the water filter, drained and reinstalled. Then I reset the filter, maybe that solved the issue as it's not beeping now
Jon Grella :

That is what I was gonna have you do.

I can get a part number for a new filter for you too if you would like?

Customer : Ok, anything else or other ideas?
I have the part number on the filter, thanks.
Jon Grella :

Besides the door or filter, that is all the reasons on this machine for it to beep. unless like I said, you had a power surge and in that case just hold down the filter button for more then 10 seconds to reset the computer

Customer : Ok, thanks and signing off
Jon Grella :

I could possibly get it cheaper for you for the next time if you would like?

Thank you

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