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My re-fer is a Kenmore coldspot mod# XXXXX The compressor

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My re-fer is a Kenmore coldspot mod# XXXXX

The compressor will not re-start after it has been running for awhile. I can hear the relays operating, but comprssor will not run.

HOWEVER, if I let the re-fer sit long enough (with power off, a couple of hours) the compressor WILL run, till the controler shuts it off. Seems to me the comprssor is not wanting to re-start after it is hot, but let it cool down, and it will fire up.

And of course it is labor day weekend.

Hi,Welcome to Just Answer, My name is XXXXX XXXXX forward to helping you today.


So you say you can hear the compressor relay buzzing but the compressor won't start after it's warm? Can you recheck the model number,? It doesn't seem to come up

Customer: replied 6 years ago.



Kenmore coldspot


mod# XXXXX

ser# XXXXX


mfg date. 2001 . 07


compressor type: 25SSA (?)

I believe the first three numbers of your model number are 106, 105 doesn't come up. The one thing you want to check first is make sure the fan next to the compressor is running, if not this will overheat the compressor and make it very hard to start, if that is running your problem is with the relay, these relays are very cheaply made and fail all the time, the big problem is you would be able to get one today, Kenmore uses all kinds of different relays on the same refrigerator, I believe there are three different kinds they have used on that particular refrigerator, what they do now is they sell a kit that covers all the different relays they have used, this is what the kit looks like.It comes with instructions for the different types of relays, unfortunately you're not to find one today more than likely, here is a link to order one on line see it till midweek next week probably sorry, thanks and best wishes, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

It may be a 106, it is a small #, hard to read, looks like a 105, but my eyes are not what they used to be. ;-)


Yes the compressor fan is running.


I see a small black box sitting next to the compressor (but not attached to it) with a white and blue wire. both wires go to the small white box attached to the side of the compressor. Is that the relay you are referring to, or is it the white box attached to the compressor?


If the reply is bad, then why is it cycling on and off? why is the relay only a problem when the compressor is at operating temp? but when it cools down it works again. I would think if the relay is bad it would not work at all, cold or warm.



If the relays weak it will have a hard time restarting the compressor when the compressor is warmer, the relay will cycle on off because there is an overload on it that when the compressor doesn't start right away the overload heats up and shuts the relay off, thus the cycling, it's very possible that the compressor is actually failing also, but there's no way to really tell until you change the relay unfortunately, if you change the relay and the compressor does the same thing then the compressor is failing, at that point you looking a lot of money to replace the compressor, so it's kinda of a try and see type situation, I wish there was about a way to explain it but there isn't, the relay is the small white box attached to the side of the compressor, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

So are talking about me getting a "3-in-1" or " Hard start" unit?


Or is this kit something else?


Would it be a good idea for me to "hot wire" the compressor to see if it comes on with out the relay, or is that not a good idea?


(BTW I am a Power Lineman at the local utility, so I have better than average electrical knowledge)

A hard start kit would be a last resort, what I showed you is actually the replacement relays there not hard start kits. A hard start kit has a capacitor as you know, I wouldn't hotwire the compressor that's not good for it, that's why these have an overload on them to shut the compressor down, if you hardwired this you could have a fire or you could blow the electronics in the refrigerator, sorry I'm not on all day on a Sunday I just check in and check my messages usually.
Bryan and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thanks for your help Bryan.


hopefully I can get parts on tuesday, we do have an appliance repair parts store here in town.



Okay Ken, like I said and parts that would be the last resort because the capacitor will help kick in on if its having a hard time starting, the problem is most likely if you need a 3 in 1 hard start is the compressor is failing, at that point it wouldn't hurt to put one on to see if you can get a little more time out of it, best wishes and thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

If you don't mind one more quick question. (promise last one ;-)


What is the small black box next to the compressor (not attached to it) with one white and one blue wire?


some type of rectifier, or interference suppression?


could it be part of the problem?



thats the capacitor, these rarely fail though,