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Purchased a short sale home so we really do not have a history

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Purchased a short sale home so we really do not have a history on the oven. It is a GE Proflle Double Wall Oven Model number JTP28W0F6WW. The top oven takes 20 minutes to get up to 350 and is off at the higher temps. The lower oven heats up in 10 minutes, but I have to keep watching the temp. It's not consistent. The breaker its on is a 30 amp double pole. Could the breaker not been the proper size ? I don't know what was there before.
Hi ...My name is XXXXX XXXXX be helping you on your repair today...Would have nothing to do with the breaker unless it is tripping the breaker....Your problem if both ovens are not acting properly would be in the ovens Clock/Computer...What i would do first before replacing the computer would be to replace the oven sensors..The sensor is the narrow metal object mounted to the rear inside wall...The sensor tells the computer when and ho long to heat the oven cavity..According to the set temperature
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

So both ovens would have temperature sensors ? I was told by someone who came into look at it the top oven was computer controled and would not have a temperature sensor. It didn't make sense to me but I just turn them on and off :-) . The one has a digital display and contols and the other is controled by knobs.

Upper oven..Sensor part #253......CLICK HERE FOR PART

Lower would be controlled by a thermostat #5...Upper has the computer #16...Lower has a built in sensor to the thermostat..CLICK HERE FOR PART Replace the sensor ..And the thermostat.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Way Cool ! I hope its not the computer... I'll bet that is expensive.. One last question....Is this something we could so ourselves? Hubby is very good at fixing things around the house - like the whole house :-) . Thanks so much for your time and expertise.. way cheaper and knowledgable than the guy I had in here before..