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Did something wrong from the last time I asked this question.

Resolved Question:

Did something wrong from the last time I asked this question. I have a bad taste coming from the water and ice out of my ice maker and water dispenser in my Whirlpool refrigerator. What can i do about it?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Neilwill replied 6 years ago.
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If this taste has been there for awhile, it may already be absorbed by the reservoir.
To help resolve this type of problem the reservoir will need to be replaced. This is a roll of tubing that is located behind the crisper's. It can absorb the odor from the water sitting in it and transfer it to the new water that enters it. If the main water supply line is plastic tubing, it will need to be replaced with copper.

When ice starts developing an odor or tasting bad, it's usually from the air flow. The air that circulates throughout the refrigerator is pulled up into the freezer and part of it is blown directly on the ice cubes. Any and all odors will be picked up and the ice will develop the taste and odor from the air blowing on it. The best way to keep the ice from developing this taste is, to use it faster or dump it periodically and start over. Don't allow the ice to sit in the bucket long. It's also a good idea to clean the refrigerator section with warm water and a mild soap. Also make sure all the food is wrapped or sealed good.

If the ice is dumped out of the bucket and fresh cubes have a taste immediately from the ice maker, then the water will need to be checked. This refrigerator does not show to have a filter. If the water is the cause, an in line water filter. Yes even if the fridge has a filter from the factory.
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