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Our Crosley Heavy Duty Giant Capacity Plus Washer - top loading

Customer Question

Our Crosley Heavy Duty Giant Capacity Plus Washer - top loading
When in the spin mode it will become unbalanced and literally walk across the floor.
Yesterday I only put in a set of Queen size sheets and a few hand towels. Once again it became unbalanced and rocked until I went down and had to rearrange the sheets. It eventually spun but who has time to do that. My husband says the washer is on concrete that is not uneven. At rest, it does not move when pushed or seem on uneven flooring. He took off the front , all the springs are attached and in place.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  yourrepairspecialist replied 6 years ago.

yourrepairspecialist :

Hi, Sorry to hear about your washer...

yourrepairspecialist :

if accordingly to your husband the machine nor the floor are unbalanced and the springs are in place, the the issue lies on the shocks which are on the bottom of the drum (please note that some Crossley models don't have shocks) or in the transmission itself which could have bent out of center causing the unit to unbalance itself while in spin mode... hope this helps!