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My Samsung Refrigerator's Water Filter Is Not Working.

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I have a Samsung side-by-side fridge (Model no DA99-00494V) where the freezer's water dispenser is not working. I replaced the filter and the water comes through that. I checked the line from the bottom of the door to the outlet and it is clear.

There may be a double switch, a little pump or a water valve which has one water line going to the ice and one going to the water dispenser. When I press the water switch there is a noise coming from this.

I think this part is the problem. Please help.


Check the refrigerator compartment behind the meat and vegetable bins. There should be a reservoir back there which could be frozen. If it is, no water will come out of the line and you may have bigger problems than you are aware of. Locate the reservoir, check it out and let me know what you find.

JACUSTOMER-5gmoedbk- :
I see that reservoir and there is some ice on the top left of it but how can I tell if it is frozen inside?

Robert :
If there is ice on it, it implies the line is frozen.
With the door to the refrigerator open, hold the door switch/button in and wait one full minute. Let me know if you hear the fan motor kick on in the refrigerator compartment. .

JACUSTOMER-5gmoedbk- :
Did that but the motor did not come on. Also used the hairdryer on the reservoir for a minute and the water is flowing again. What should be done now?

Robert :
If the fan motor is not running then you have one of two issues below:
1. The defrost drain is clogged and the ice build up is stopping the fan from turning.
2. The fan stopped and air is not being pulled across the coils.

The only way to test and see if it is the first issue is to empty the whole unit, open the doors and unplug it for over 24 hours to let it defrost (doing this also clears the defrost drain). Once defrosted you close the doors and plug it back in. Wait for three minutes, for the computer to startup properly and then open the door. Try the switch again and listen for the motor. If the motor does not come on, it needs to be replaced.

JACUSTOMER-5gmoedbk- :
Thanks for your help. I will do that.

Robert :
No problem.

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