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I have a Maytag 5000 steam washer/dryer. the were purchased

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I have a Maytag 5000 steam washer/dryer. the were purchased about a year and a half ago.
I just noticed that on my washing maching it shows a light that says "F 35" with the 35 flashing. It seems to go with any choice of washing. Can you tell me what's up?
Paula Kimbrough

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The F 35 is a drain issue, usually caused by a suds block possibly something in the drain trap or pump, do you have a full model number?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I will go downstairs and check and be back asap


I'm back. I couldn't find it on the front and it's too heavy to move it away from the wall and cabinetry. I found the "Use and Care Guide"-would it be there?

Well it should be inside the door on a tag you open can you check there?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

The door won't open. Hold on, I'll try it again


I'm back. I pushed the cancel button. The machine started up but not washing. It sounds maybe like the water is emptying without the sound of water draining. Does that make sense to you? It first seem to do this when I used the delicate cycle. Now it's doing it on the other cycles. I thought it was just something that I never noticed before. But today I saw the word "SUD" displayed. I'm reading my my USE AND GUIDE. I'll give you the #'s that are on the front just in case they might be of help.

4619 702 82531 Rev. 1 0r W10176966C. I have always used the HE products(detergent and downey)




Yep that's exactly what I said the Sud means suds block, that's I mentioned above let me see if this model number you gave me comes up, know these numbers don't come up on the bottom under the door there should be a removable panel with screws in it way down near the floor, you almost have to lay your head on the floor to see them, can you tell me if you have a panel that comes off under the door?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Ok I'm back again and out of breath (It's a 3 story house)


When I got down to the laundry room the machine had stopped and I could open the door. Here are the model #'s: MHWE500VW11 AND just in case:

service#: CSY0606609

Type 199-02 729 WT/CR


I have a feeling it also has something to do with the very fast spin cycle-it tends to sound unbalanced. Will that cost an arm and a leg to remedy?

I don't believe it is major repair, it seems like you are not draining fast enough and that's what's causing your issue, you need to check your drain pump trap, it unscrews and pulls out, I'll bet you have a lot of stuff in there that is built up you have never cleaned before, here's what it looks like, take this cruise out marked number 35 on this diagram and remove the bottom panel under the door, unscrew the drain pump trap counterclockwise and pull it out, clean it and put it back in, this will probably run just fine after that this is a common issue on these, thanks, Bryan
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