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Hello, I have a Kenmore 19 cu ft bottom freezer model # XXXXX

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Hello, I have a Kenmore 19 cu ft bottom freezer model # XXXXX that I purchased in 2002 at sears. The freezer is working fine keeping the food frozen, but the upper fridge compartment will not get cold. I moved the fridge out and cleaned any dust, etc from around the coils, fan and compressor, the fan in the rear at the bottom by the compressor is working. I am thinking the issue is temp control or the control damper inside the fridge compartment, or possible the defrost timer. What do you think. Tom Hartneck

Hi,Welcome to Just Answer, My name is XXXXX XXXXX forward to helping you today. lets get started.


Can you tell me if there is any Frost on the back panel behind the food in the freezer section? Also is the fan in the freezer running?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes, ther is frost on the back side of the freezer amd the fan in the freezer is running
Okay this means you have a defrost issue, when there is Frost on the panel there is a lot more behind that panel on your coils, what happens is this gets completely clogged with Frost behind that panel and the air cant flow into the refrigerator section the fan is basically like putting a fan against the wall there will be no air flow, you will need to remove that back panel inside the freezer and defrost this with a hairdryer, if you have an ice maker you will need to remove that also so you can get the panel out, do you own a voltmeter and know how to check continuity? Let me know, thanks, Bryan
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I do have an ice make, so I will remove it. I do have a volt meter, so I can check continunity, but I'll hve to go get it at my shop
Okay that's great, what I would do first before going to get your meter is defrost it with a hairdryer until the coils are clear, then put the cover back on so it can start cooling down while you go get your meter, the reason I'm going to have you do it this way is because you need to check the defrost thermostat that is snapped to the top of the coils but this needs to be checked for continuity when it's cold, if it wants up it will not have continuity because it is a thermostat and it shuts the heater off at around 50°, so it needs to be cold to be able to see if it's good, if that tests good then you need to check the defrost heater continuity, this can be checked either warm or cold it doesn't matter it should have continuity all the time, I can't seem to get a picture of the heater for this one but it's either going to be a cal rod which is similar to a bake element in a stove or it's going to be a glass tube heater but you will see it, if both of those check out for continuity when it's going to be the defrost timer itself, this is like a small clock and just continues to run and put this in defrost every eight hours or so for about an hour or so to defrost the Frost from the coils before it builds up like it has, let me know when you get these things checked and hopefully I can send you a link for the part you need, I'll await your reply, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I did see a copper tube down by the compressor, kinds looks like a large thermocupler
no the parts you need to check are actually behind the panel inside the freezer were all the Frost is not down by the compressor, you will see them when you get the panel off,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes, got pannel off, ice was all over conderser and above on controls, fan had no ice on it. I see the coil, I think, you were talking about. All ice is thawed off
Okay what I would do is put this back together or at least stick the back in and stick a screw it to hold it and turn it back on if you turn it off to begin with and let it start cooling well you go get your meter, like I said the thermostat that is clipped to the top of the coils needs to be checked while it's cold so by the time you get back it will be cold, and the heater I'm not sure because I can't get the picture of it or can't find it on the diagram but it was should run along the bottom of the evaporator coils it's either going to be glass tube or cal rod, let me know when you get those tested, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have continunity in defrost heater, but no continunity in defrost terminator (thermostat) clipped to top of coils. Freezer is working and cold air is getting into fridge area
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Waiting for update to see what part I need to order
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hey Bryan, what happened? Did you opt out on me? I realize it was sat evening and there are places to go, but you left me hanging. No one else has responded to my issue. You asked me twice about payment, the web site states this is done on an honor system, so I paid my 38.00, now I don't get the final help that I need and paid for. Please respond, you got paid or I'll request my 38.00 back with a negative feedback.
sorry I had to hit the hay, ok if theres no continuity through the thermostat you will need to replace it, the refrigerator will run fine until you can get the part, It take about 3 weeks for this to freeze up again. just make sure you put the back panel back on in the freezer,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks , Didn't meam to get harsh, I totaly understand going to bed early or other things that have to get done, Thanks for the return reply and all the help walking me trough this issue. Without that meter and you expertise I couln't have pin pointed this part. Again thank you and I will give you positive feedback
Thank you so much, yeah I was online since five in the morning yesterday working so it had been a long day and I know I had to work today so I hit the hay early I'm sorry to leave you hanging but sometimes we never know if someone else's off-line for they have quit for the night so we wait a little while if we don't get a reply we go ahead and sign off, have a great day, thanks, Bryan