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Hello! I have a 13 year old Kenmore dryer. I noted a rubbing

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Hello! I have a 13 year old Kenmore dryer. I noted a "rubbing" sound on the last load I tried to dry. I also noted a burning oder, a little burning rubber oder I think too. I stopped the load ASAP and unplugged it.

What do you think it is? Is it an easy repair/replacement or do I need to get a professional? Is it worth it on a 13 year old machine?


Hi,Welcome to Just Answer, My name is XXXXX XXXXX forward to helping you today. lets get started.


If you open the door there will be a tag with the full model number on it, can you get that to us?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
model # XXXXX
Okay did the odor smelled electrical at all that you could tell like a motor overheating? In what kind of rubbing sound was it? Was it a scraping rubbing ? Once you tell me this I can see whether this is worth repairing or not.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

the rubbing did not have a scraping sound at all. I did notice when I manually rotated the drum from inside the dryer (no electric, no clothes inside) - rubbing sound then and something that sounded like it should have been coming from inside the drum, like a coin or a screw from someone's pocket that was falling down when drum rotated - nothing noted inside the drum however.


as far as electrical smell - not so sure I would know what that smells like. It smelled hot and I thought an extra order of rubber, but my nose could be off. I did take the front panel (low) off and ran it for a minute - nothing obvious from that angle. I did check the heat coils and they were clear of lint.

It sounds like your drums support bearings (wheels), most likely one of them is frozen in it has rubber on the wheel itself and if it is frozen the drum will turn but will burn the rubber on the wheel itself, there are two in the rear of the drum, number 21 on this diagram, it is also possible however that you do have something that got down between the drum and the front line assembly or rear felt. You would need to take the dryer part to see however, this is the support wheels, you I'm not sure if you want to go ahead and take this apart yourself, there are also 2 on the front of the drum assembly, you need to check all four of these wheels and see if one is frozen, let me know if you want to attempt to take this apart and I will send you the rest of the diagrams to help you, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have a second person to help get the dryer apart and the parts don't cost too much (do you know rough estimate?) so definitely worth repairing it sounds like instead of replacing? the diagrams you have are the same that come with the dryer, correct? I still have those, in that case.
The support wheels are under $17 apiece and you probably won't need them all, maybe just one is locked up, here is a link to all the diagrams and parts so you can look at them and see what you need to take off to get this apart, actually already started by removing the bottom panel, here's the link to all the diagrams, you can probably do this yourself or at least take it apart and see what might be causing the problem either one of the wheels or you have something stuck in the drum assembly you can't see, the other thing you will need to check when you have this apart and pull the drum out is when you release the belt and pull the drum try turning the motor by hand and see if it feels tight or if you hearing noise in the blower assembly, it's possible the motor is seizing up and in that case you may want to buy a new dryer because the motors are expensive but you will be able to tell by turning the motor by hand if it turns easily with no noise it's probably good, it just takes some investigative work to see where the problem lies, it doesn't seem to be a major problem to me but I'm not there so you need to get into it and see if the wheels are all free and the motor turns freely, I hope this information is useful, thanks, Bryan
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