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i have an LG tromm front loading washer. just bought it today

Customer Question

i have an LG tromm front loading washer. just bought it today (used) and tried to wash a load, but it runs for a minute or 2 and beeps with the LE code on the display? i've tried unplugging it and holding the play/pause button for 5 seconds, same thing happens.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  AppTech35002 replied 6 years ago.

AppTech35002 :

Thank you for choosing to resolve your appliance issue. I look forward to assisting you.

AppTech35002 :

When you receive the LE error code, unplug the machine for approximately 15 - 20
minutes. This will reset the microprocessor.

The LE error code can be an indication of several different issues.

The most common cause is over-sudsing in the machine. Many times owners
experiencing the LE error code are using regular detergent. It is recommended to
use a high efficiency or low sudsing detergent. Many of the leading detergent
manufacturers have a high-efficiency (HE) selection. The HE detergents are
designed for lower suds levels and enhanced cleaning performance in
front-loading washers.

Overloading the wash with too much laundry may also cause the LE error code. A
good rule is to load the washer until the clothes in the drum are no more than
three-fourths of the way up the window of the door. This will allow them
sufficient room for tumbling. The clothing having sufficient room to tumble is
more important than either the weight or the number of items in the washer. It
is the tumbling action that provides the washing effect.

Lastly, a breakdown in the signal between the microprocessor and the motor may
cause the error code. This can occur if there is a loose wire, dislodged ball
sensor, or if the shipping bolts are removed prior to situating the washer. . In
this case, a servicer would need to take a look at the unit. In this case, you
will need a service center to look at your unit. For service assistance, please
visit our website at Click on "Service Center". Enter your
zipcode and product type. Click search.

In the event that you cannot find a service center, please call 1-800-243-0000
for assistance. There, an agent will be able to provide you with an Authorized
LG Service Center in your area.

Please have your model and serial number available along with your zip code when
you call. If you have a customer service issue, please let the agent know and
they will set up a customer service file for you. If your unit is under the
factory warranty, your purchase receipt will validate the warranty.

Business hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

AppTech35002 :

I hope I have been able to provide information that you have found useful. If you are satisfied with my response please click accept. Positive feedback and bonuses are always appreciated. We can continue to chat if you have any further questions about this issue, even after you have clicked accept. Thank you for choosing

JACUSTOMER-vzhgshtq- :

yes, i read all that before when i tried to google the code/solutions... i was hoping for a more one-on-one walkthrough...

AppTech35002 :

What information are you looking for?

JACUSTOMER-vzhgshtq- :

how to get the water to drain, how to maybe rinse and try with different soap... it won't do anything right now except add more water to the machine

AppTech35002 :

Unfortunately I am having no more luck than you did finding any additional information about your product. As I am not as familiar with LG appliances as I am with other brands I will opt out and allow another expert with more knowledge of your product take over. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Expert:  Peter replied 6 years ago.

Hi, my name is Peter. I am eager to help you solve your appliance problems.

To get the water to drain power up the washer then push the spin speed button, it will default to 14 minutes, push the start button and it will begin to drain the water.

Are you using "HE" detergent?