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I have a whirlpool convection oven range. I have had problems

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I have a whirlpool convection oven range. I have had problems with it such as on reg bake, on the middle rack, the bottom is dark and the top does not brown. The temp on the convection oven is not hot enough since I have to raise it instead of lowering it. I have had several service calls and while they have made some adjustments. the temp is not correct. They tell me now that the stove is working as designed. We had bought the "No Lemon" warranty, but have to have 3 majors thing go wrong. We have had only 2. they have replaced the computer and the motor for the convection, but it still is not baking correctly. The range is less than a year old. Could it be something internally that is not showing up on their gauges? I find that the manual if not at all helpful. The model number is XXXXX what can I do?

What adjustmenst did they make? Thanks.

Did they try to recalibrate this at all?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.


Yes several times. The last time a fellow was sent from an Electrian company and he lowered the temp. Now when I bake with convection, I have to raise the temp instead of lowering it (which I never have had to do anyway, even though that's what they say you have to do) when I bake buns, I have to bake them at 400 which is high for buns, and they seem to be dry. It's almost like I have to bake everything longer instead of shorter. When I bake on reg bake, I shouldn't have to have the rack in the middle and the top still doesn't brown. I think I mentioned before that the manual is far from helpful.

I understand about the manual. Do you remember if they tested the oven sensor?
Sorry for the questions but i need to know about all what they did so i can possibly determine what might be going on with this. Also i want you to tell me if you see any gaps inbetween the door and the seal. Thanks.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I don't know that for sure. One of the fellows found that the fluctuaion of temp was too great, so he changed that. they checked the temp and found that that was okay. One tech checked the oven with a laser reader (not sure that's what they are called) and said the temp was good. in other words to them everything was fine. We bought this at Sears. I have 3 work order print-outs, but can't seem to find what they actually did on them. The electrian was here twice (not the same guy) and they tell me what they have done eg the fluc of the temp, the replacement of the motor.

I might add here that I always preheat the oven well in advance. One fellow told me that I shouldn't use the rapid heat, but I'm thinking that if it's on there I should be able to use. The convec has so many different settings and the manual does not explain what you should use for what. I have been married 52 years and so I am not exactly a novice at baking.

See that dont make sense you should be able to use every feature on this oven. Let me ask you something if i may do you have any aluminum on the bottom floor pan? Let me do some checking on this and i will get back to you okay? Thanks.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No I don't - I have never used foil in any oven. This one is a self-clean. I checked with Sears service dept and according to her, they have not checked the oven sensor. Could that be what's wrong ?

This could very well be it seems odd that they wouldnt check this out all because this is what senses the temp. Do you need help in testing this?

Im still here for you for whatever you will want to do.

Please press the accept button this is how im paid for helping you today. Thank-you.

william and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I am wondering if the Sears Tech will have the equipment to check the sensor.
He should alls it takes is a volt/ohme meter. Thats a technicains best friend.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for all your help. wish I had contacted you earlier. Hopefully that will be the solution and I can start baking to my hearts content. I bake a lot of buns and it's not great when they turn out dry.
Thats true i actually just got back on here i was gone for a few months i had to have a pacemaker put in im only 46 yrs old. If you need anymore help with this whatever it is please get back with me and maybe we can narrow this down. Thank-you. Good luck.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
All the best to you. where are you located actually?
Thanks. Mich.