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My Miele oven does not reach the desired temperature on the

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My Miele oven does not reach the desired temperature on the regular bake function. It will beep when it thinks it's preheated and the display on the front will indicate that it's ready.
Does the broil work okay?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I think I've only used the broiler once, and it worked fine.
Is there a fault code by chance? Thanks.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No fault code. The oven works, just not properly, which I only know because I use it a lot and see that it's not cooking things in the time it should take to cook.


Do you have an oven thermometer? If not, get one (Taylor makes good ones) and
check to see that the oven temperature is correct. Are you preheating the oven
sufficiently before you start baking? Almost all modern ovens don't reach a true
and consistent temperature until they've been on for 20 to 30 minutes. It
doesn't matter that the oven has beeped, indicating the temperature setting has
been reached. All that means is that the thermostat (which is at the top of the
oven cavity) has reached the desired temperature. The oven needs time for all
parts to reach the desired heat setting and for the temperature to equalize
throughout the oven. If you give the oven sufficient time to properly stabilize
the temperature, you may find you get better and more predictable results

If you still have problems then it s probally the (oven sensor) that needs to be checked if its bad then you will need to replace it. You will need a volt/ohm meter to test it. If you dont have one then you will need to get a technician in there to test the sensor.

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