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Experience:  10 years experience delivering, installing, and repairing major home appliances. Factory trained on most popular brands.
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Good Morning, my Haier HWD1500 washer/dryer combo has been

Resolved Question:

Good Morning, my Haier HWD1500 washer/dryer combo has been short cycling and leaving the code Er 13. In the manual this code says that means the door is open. Does that mean the door is not remaining closed during the cycle? What are some things I can try to fix this? I do clean out the filter, but it never seems to really accumulate anything besides the occasional penny. Any ideas?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  AppTech35002 replied 6 years ago.

AppTech35002 :

Thank you for choosing to resolve your appliance issue. I look forward to assisting you. Please stand by while I get some information about your problem.

AppTech35002 :

You have probably already done this but, carefully inspect the door latch mechanism. Is there any thing broken, parts missing, anything obstructing the latch opening? Check the door gasket and make sure it is not rolling or bunching up when the door is closed. Is the door hanging properly? Check the door hinge for loose or missing screws that might cause the door to not close properly.

How old is this unit? Is it still under warranty? If so, don't miss the opportunity to have Haier fix this for free. It is entirely possible that the electronic lock is malfunctioning, the electronic control is sending bad signals, or there is a defect in the wiring between the control and the lock mechanism. All of those items are not easily accessible and generally require a level of make and model specific knowledge to diagnose. If you don't find any of the problems listed in the first paragraph, it is my opinion, given the complexity of this unit that you contact a Factory Authorized Haier Technician at Email or Phone 1-877-337-3639.

AppTech35002 :

I hope I have been able to provide information that you have found useful. If you are satisfied with my response please click accept. Positive feedback and bonuses are always appreciated. We can continue to chat if you have any further questions about this issue, even after you have clicked accept. Thank you for choosing


My warranty expired two weeks ago, as the unit is just over a year old. As far as feedback, I was looking for something a little more technical. I am a hands-on person with experience in mechanicals. I was really looking for a common thing that is going wrong with these units. Also, if the unit continues to turn off with 1hr 45 mins left in the cycle, what exactly is happening at that time frame with regard to the cycle? If that is something that might be throwing off the balance of the unit that would make the door pop open, then I would consider that information valuable and useful to me solving my problem. Do you technicians have a schedule of the cycle that might be able to help me deduce the problem?

AppTech35002 :

Either under the top of the unit or behind the lower panel you will find a technical data sheet that will have all the diagnostic information you can handle. The time frame when the problem generally occurs sounds suspiciously like the time when the machine is changing from wash to dry.

Being just two weeks out of warranty I would still call Haier and ask for a warranty concession especially for the amount of money you likely spent on this unit. I know many customers who have had success with numerous manufacturers. I am certain that it would likely save you hours of frustration and money. After all the worst thing they can say is no.

If you still disagree with my assessment I will be happy to opt-out of this question and allow another technician to take a swing at it.


Thanks I'll take a look at it

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