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washer la712. We have replaced the timer. It fills ok but

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washer la712. We have replaced the timer. It fills ok but wont drain completely wont agitate and spin cycle happens occasionally and when it spins it wont spin completely dry.

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Okay are you saying that this won't agitate also at times? As far as the spin cycle goes need to replace your belts underneath the machine there are two of them, they need to be replaced together, these stretch and when they do they get loose and don't spin or drain correctly, when you say it won't agitate do you mean it won't agitate at all or can you hear the motor is running but the agitator isn't moving?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I don't hear the motor running when it is not agitating. It wont agitate at all.
okay so it fills with water and then does nothing? This sounds like you have a lid switch problem, but the spinning problem is still going to be the belts, this is an older machine so I believe the lid switch will look like this one, sometimes these switches will stick and machine won't run, you need to check the lid switch also known as the door switch, here is a video in a link to order the part if you need it, hope this helps, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
the door switch works when I open and shut the door the process stops. Would the switch work for on and off and not for cycle changes?
Yes it could, if the switch is going this can happen, it's difficult to say sure but that usually the issue for your type problem, next time it does it between a cycle change try opening and shutting the lid a few times to see if it starts up again if it does the switch is going, let me know what you find, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The spin cycle works in the delicate cycle rinse area but not in any area of the Normal was cycle. When it is spinning and I open the door it stops spinning and when I close the door it continues to spin. What do you make of that? If the belts are an issue why does it spin at all? I already replaced the timer and the problems have only gotten worse. I want to check the switch before I invest any more money. My neighbor can help me with that when he gets home from work.
Okay, I was off line, if the switch works then it's good, but this isn't necessarily good news, will you replaced the timer already so we know that's not the issue I'm wondering if you are having a problem with the spin bearing, these will stop the high-speed spin from getting up to speed when they get hot but you say it's not spinning at all in regular wash so this could be one of two issues, it could be the Bearing or it could be the motor itself, these are the only two reasons why this wouldn't work at all in spin cycle on normal wash, you might want to think about replacing the washer at this point, either job is expensive to repair I'm not sure how much you want to put into this machine to be honest, let me know, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hey Bryan, Thanks for your help. I am not looking forward to choosing an new machine. One issue for me is when I do hand washables I like to use the spin cycle on my washing machine to wring the water out. I always got the idea the Maytag didn't like me skipping ahead through the dial to the spin cycle. This may have contributed to our problems. I would like to choose a machine that makes that easy and okay to do with my hand washables. Any input......Thanks Shannon
Hi Shannon, I'll tell you the best machine on the market today to buy, the whirlpool top load direct drive wash machine is one of the most reliable ones on the market for the last 15 years actually, what I would do is get one with a turn dial timer, these are less trouble than the electronic ones, Lowe's has great deals on these you can pick up a really nice washer for about $300, the simpler the better and they have them with the gentle and hand washable cycles, that's what I recommend, your problem is much too expensive to consider repairing, I really hope this helps, thanks and very best wishes, Bryan
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