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Maytag washer wont run after filling

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Maytag Model HAV 2557 AWW Rev 22, serial number 22973996 EP
I've been taking care of a friends' house and they are out of the US for a few weeks. The relatively new looking washing machine began to make noises two days ago after I washed a queen-sized bedspread (perhaps the weight of the wet bedspread during the spin cycle caused some balance or other problems).
My wife just tied to run a load of laundry and although the tub filled, properly, the machine is making odd sounds that alarmed her. So we now have a full load of wet laundry sitting in the washer until I can reach a repairman. Can we talk over the phone about this as I stand near the machine? I am on the computer on the second floor, but the machine is in the basement. Alternatively, I can take my computer to the basement and communicate with you via wi-fi from there.

Hi,Welcome to Just Answer, My name is XXXXX XXXXX forward to helping you today. lets get started.


I'm sorry phone communications are not allowed so you will need to take your laptop to the basement unfortunately, what kind of sounds is your wife hearing? If she washed a comforter in it chances are some of the inside of the comforter the pillow stuff in it has gotten into the machine drain pump and that's probably what you hear, let me know when you get to the basement with your laptop I will tell you what to do next, thanks, Bryan

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
She ran a normal load of laundry and didn't realize there was a problem until she came back an hour later. The drum was still full of water, and it seems that the dial had advanced to the spin cycle (I'm not completely sure about this part)
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Is there a length limit on replies? I don't think my three paragraphs are getting thru.
Sorry, we are experiencing a high volume of questions tonight, okay I think what happened is either the belt is burned up and doesn't spin the tub or the pump or the pump has seized up or has that inside of the comforter stuck in the pump causing it not to drain, the first thing you going to need to do unfortunately is get the water out, you will have to bail that out unless you have a pump you can use, once that is done move the machine away from the wall enough so you can tip it back in lean it against the wall so you can check the belt underneath, it's best to prop it up with something once you tip back so it doesn't come down on you, check the belt real good you can actually roll it off and look at it if it's not already broken, if it's real shiny or if it's burned you need to replace the belt, once you have the belt off the pump which is either in the right front corner or the right rear corner I have to look the diagram to see that anyway try turning it by hand if it doesn't turn easy it probably has something in it jamming it up, let me know when you get that done and we can take it from there, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
There is no comforter in the tub and there hasn't been for 24 hours. This is a a new load.
But I will bale it out and try to tip the machine. Can you check back with me in 15-20 minutes or so after I've done it?

[email protected], or SMS me at XXX-XXX-XXXX. (I've input this to earlier in this session, I just want to be sure you can find me.)
Sure no problem, we are only allowed to use this session to communicate just come back and let me know when that's done and I will get you a reply it is sent automatically to me, even a second load or not doesn't matter you could still be the belt or the pump and most likely that's what you find, since this didn't drain it has to be one of the two, have you tried putting it back into the spin cycle to see what it does? Do you hear the motor start in spin? Let me know when you come back, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I've got the drum just about empty and have tilted it back. Should I take the front panel off to look in?
Is the belt underneath intact?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
It appears to have fallen off and is lying on the floor under the machine, but it is not apparently broken.

Okay that's good actually, there are three pulleys which you need to do is put the belt on the two smaller pulleys and then just roll it on to the bigger Pulley in the center, then set the machine back down and try it, if you're lucky that's all it was the belt popped off because it was out of balance, let me know, thanks and good job, Bryan

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
THe belt looks worn in two places on opposite sides, probably from friction. I'll try to get it back on but probably want to order a new belt. Should I measure it or how do I get the right replacement?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
It's a Maytag-Herrin 35-3662AU. how do I get the right replacement?
You don't have to measure it the part number is XXXXX and you can order it at the following link, the $23.45,what happened with this isn't had such a heavy load it couldn't move the tub so the belt sat there and burned, this is common, hope this information has been useful, thanks and very best wishes, Bryan
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