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I have a model S1070 A5ww clothes washer. The tub apparenly

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I have a model S1070 A5ww
clothes washer.

The tub apparenly overfills, beyond the top. Apparently the mechanism to stop the filling, or to measure the height of the water is in some way not working.

Your troubleshooting suggestions?
Is there a repair and service manual available for the model?

Many thanks.

Hi,Welcome to Just Answer, My name is XXXXX XXXXX forward to helping you today. lets get started.


Okay a couple of things on these could be the issue, one there is a hose that runs the side of the tub up to the water level control these troops sometimes get clogged or get clogged up in the plastic part attached to the side of the tub, the first thing you want to do is unplugged the washer and along the top of the control panel there should be four screws, remove those and tip the control panel forward and you will see the hose, it is a clear rubber hose, remove it from the water level control and blow back through it to see if it's clear at the tub end. , If it is clear your water level control has failed,this will need to be replaced, a lot of times you will find that the tube is clogged however, these machines are famous for that, you can order this at the following link, they call it the pressure switch in it runs about $28.00 at thanks and well wishes, Bryan

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Many thanks for that. I will check the tube.

If the tube is not blocked, the control unit has failed.
If the tube is blocked, then I should unblock it.

Is there available some where a control schematic for the machine?

Many thanks,

Well Mark it's not actually the control unit that's failed it's just the water level pressure switch which is the part the little tube is connected to, if you can blow through the hose that's clogged and you will need to unclog it, if you have an air compressor you can blow through the hose with that to clear the line, otherwise a very difficult to get to from the inside of the top you would need to remove the inner tub assembly to get to the part that's clogged, as far as a schematic I can't get the wiring schematic but I can give you a link to all the diagrams of your machine if that helps, click this blue link, thanks and well wishes, Bryan

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Right, I should have said pressure sensor.

This is a tenant machine, so I was unclear about this related description, and now that I'm looking at the user manual, I see this may be relevant, in case the water level device is OK, after I check it out.
I apologize for not describing this on the first round:

I was told the wash-cycle clothes setting-dial continued to "go around", and when the cotton-side setting of the dial cycle was completed -- the wash-cycle dial continued going, into the permanent-press side of the dial.

Could this be related to the difficulty, and if so, what actions might I take?

Many thanks, XXXXX XXXXX
I'm not sure if I understand now, are you saying the machine never shuts off also? I'm not sure I understand you correctly or not, the first thing you need to find out is if the tube is clogged or if it's the water level control, the timer itself which the part that goes around through the cycles wouldn't cause this over fill because the water level control will automatically shut off the power to the water valve, this being said if they are trying it with the water shut off it's possible the timer is continuing so you need to resolve the issue of the overfill to really find out what's going on with it, once you get that running correctly if the timer it continues to run around and not stop at the off cycle than the timers also bad, but these are two separate issues if you know what I mean, resolve the first and then have them run the machine and see if it stops at the end of the cycle, thanks, Bryan
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