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We bought a Jenn-Air about 7 years ago. It has been a huge

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We bought a Jenn-Air about 7 years ago. It has been a huge disappointment. 4 times we've lost all our food, spend 100's for repair people, and now the compressor or seal is going out and we have 800 in more repair coming to us in the next week. Should we spend another 800 to repair this lemon or should we bit the bullet and just go buy another brand for a reputable dealer. We bought this from Friedmans in Walnut Creek, CA. They are no help at all.

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If there is a leak did they say it was the compressor itself leaking Freon? Who told you $800 more to fix this? Did they actually check it already and say you need the compressor replaced? That's the only thing that would cost that much money, there are problems with doing compressors in these, sometimes it's not actually the compressor it could be a blockage in one of the lines, if this is the case replacing the compressor may work for a while but the blockage will most likely happen again, it seems you are being taken for a lot of money, if I were you I would take the $800 and invested in a new refrigerator, most brands have their issues however, it's funny jenn air is made by whirlpool in usually we don't see a lot of compressor replacement in these however yours is seven years old and you may have had a bad compressor from the start, whirlpool is usually pretty good, hope this helps, thanks, Bryan


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Here's what the Mr Appliance repair man said,

Found all fans working, some heat exchange compressor running. Temp in freezer 23 to 29 degrees. Recommend sealed system repair. Referred customer to Jenn-Air service.

Then we called Jenn-Air Service. They said parts are covered under warranty but not labor. They then referred us to an authorized repair person.

Then we called them, they called back, and they are now scheduled to repair next Friday when the part arrive. They estimated it would be 5 to 8 hours of labor and would cost between 800 and 1000.

The parts that we ordered based on the repair man; Filter dryer, heat exchange, compressor.

Does this sound excessive? We have already had several parts (I think controller card and something else replaced). Should we just have them replace the whole unit? Do you know this unit to be a lemon? Is there a better process to follow to have this repaired or rectified?
yes that sounds excessive considering if you replaced this and had to pay for the parts the average compressor replacement cost is around $600-700 total, and thats with parts, the filter dryer and heat exchanger are always replaced with the compressor. you didn't give me a full model # XXXXX I cant look up the recall info on this or see if there are a lot of problems with this particular refrigerator.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Bryan, did you respond to my reply?
yes did you not get what I sent? If get me the full model number I will check your unit for recalls and problems with this refrigerator, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
the parts are free, under the standard 10 yr warranty. the 800 to 1000 is for labor. they said would take 5+ hours to fix. This seems excessive. Serial#JS48CSo80A, Model#11978723CV. Thanks for the advise. I will pay and give you a great rating.
Okay well most of these compressor replacements take normally around two hours three tops, and his hourly rate seems to be over $200 an hour which is ludicrous, $50-$60 an hour is the average depending on who you call obviously this guy whoever it is way too high, if you had the parts the average cost to install this assembly is usually $300-$400 so yes excessive is an understatement, did Jenn air tell you have to use this company to install it? Have you talked to Jenn air and tell them the amount this guy wants to charge you? If they say that's normal cost somebody was trying to make a buck on you for sure, if I were you if you really want to repair this I would call around and talk to some HVAC guys and other appliance repair companies reputable ones and see what they tell you, but I can tell you this $800-$1000 is way too high period. I hope this helps, thanks and very best wishes, Bryan
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