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dryer no heat. Elec Frigidaire GLEQ2152ES0. Front lint trap

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dryer no heat. Elec Frigidaire GLEQ2152ES0. Front lint trap was restricted, but without dryer vent plugged into wall still blew what seemed like a lot of air. Took apart, cleaned thoroughly. Checked breakers and reset. Took an ohm meter to to house plug, 240 across. Took apart dryer, the thermostats, limiters seem good, .1-.3 ohm. Coil is at 10.1. The Thermistor is 729 ohm.

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Okay you actually took the heating element out or at least the drum to look at the heating element? Did you get that far into it? What you need to do is bypassed the door switch and I'm assuming you know how to work on electrical systems since you gone this far, take the two wires off the heating element tape each one to your meter leads so they don't touch anything, then start the dryer you can do this without the drum in if you bypassed the door switch also make sure I didn't really look to make sure there isn't a belt switch if there is you will need to bypass that also for the dryer will not start, once the dryer starts check for 240 V to you meter, let me know if you get it, thanks, Bryan

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I took the drum out. I'm a novice with the multimeter, but I follow directions well. The door is attached and closed, so i didn"t bypass the door switch, but did the tape thing and got 86.1 volts.
Okay you missing voltage on one side now we have to test both leads to ground, in other words take one wire and tape your red multimeter lead to that and put the other one to ground and run the dryer again test each wired this way and find out whether the wire from the motor or the wire from the timer is the one that's missing voltage this takes a little bit at work but we need to find out where the power is missing let me know when you get that done, PS I'm sorry I was having my dinner when you replied, I will be on probably until around 830 tonight and then on again tomorrow, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
122 on yellow wire to motor, 28 or so on black wire,
ok now work your way back the same way thermostat to thermostat, which ever has power on one side and not the other is bad, if you get all the way back to the timer then the timer contact inside is bad. if thats the case the timer needs to be replaced.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I tested all the way back to the contriol panel, it showed the same 28 or so volts, replaced it (expensive) and I still have the same prob? Dynamite?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
it was the thermistor...
okay great job, sorry you had so much trouble, I did my best but this kinda job is difficult one line. good to hear you got it going, thanks Bryan