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We have a JennAir model JES9800 electric downdraft range. All

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We have a JennAir model JES9800 electric downdraft range. All 4 burners cook only at a high temperature. We cannot cook at a low setting. Could there be a problem with the electic coming in to the range itself? It's so fustrating to not be able to cook at low settings. It knows only OFF and HIGH. PLease help.

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The only thing that can cause a burner to go only to high is the infinite switch, the problem is you're saying all four of these do that, that's extremely rare unless they went that way one any time over a period of time or you had a power surge that welded the contacts in all four, or you have a melted wire between them somewhere that is grounding out all four switches so when you turn one on it sending power to the others when it's not supposed to, what kind of technicians would come out and say that was normal I have no idea, they obviously don't know what they're talking about, who did you call? Where they different technicians from different companies or where they from the same company? It sounds like you got taken if it was the same company that sent two different technicians out, was that the case?

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I'm not sure if all 4 burners went out at the same time or if they've gone out one at a time over the years. Could it be the electrical connection to the range? Can the infinite switches be tested? The tech, from what I remember, turned on all 4 burners, adjusted the temps. and just observed the burners' reaction. Should they be tested with a pan on them or with the use of a temperature gauge?
Yeah he should've at least check these with the temperature gauge, you could've also checked the voltage to each burner as they were on, he doesn't seem to have cared too much from what you're saying, infinite switch testing is difficult and unreliable, I can even get you the instructions to do that it's not a simple test though, if the oven works correctly it's not going to be an electrical connection to the range, I can be pretty confident though you need to replace the infinite switches, especially if you're not sure if they all one out at once, the switches do go, we replace quite a few of these, it's a common occurrence so if they have been going out one at a time it's possible they just finally all went, a pan on them won't make a difference whether they run red hot or warm, they will do this with or without pans. I really hope this helps, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Do you know the part numbers for each infinite switch? The model is JES9800AAB and where to get them from? Should we do one just to check or go ahead and do all 4?
let me ask you one more question, when you have a pan with water on this does the burner go bright red then shut off completely and then come back on bright red and off again and so forth when you have it on say medium or low heat? Or does it just stay on bright red all the time? Never goes off and on?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Sorry,just got back to the does seem to cycle on and off on medium setting.
okay I went to bed before I saw this , thats what they are suppose to do , there is a sensor in the burners and when you put these on medium or low thats how they work, the go on and off they do not glow less they just don't stay on it heats up red then shuts of then back on , in other words radiant burners don't glow any less red at any time they control the temp by going on and off so not to heat the pan to hot, when I look at this before the burners didn't come up with a picture so I didn't realize these were radiant burners, what they are doing is normal, sorry for the confusion. thanks, Bryan