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I have an Amana electric range/oven model # XXXXX The

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I have an Amana electric range/oven model # XXXXX
The oven light door sensor has been pushed back behind the plane so it does not recognize when the door is closed/open and thus the light stays on.
I tried to finagle the sensor back into place but it touched somewhere that shorted out the circuit and thus now the whole range does not work.
Can this be a simple thermostat purchase/curcuit purchase or is it worse? Please help me locate the part necessary

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are you talking about this?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes, the light sensor was damaged and does not stay securely where it should. While trying to secure it, I seemed to have shorted it out (saw a brief electricty spark) and the whole range went blank.
I figured I'd have to replace the light sensor but what about the rest of the unit? Would there be a short circuit anywhere else that needs to be addressed?
I cant be sure whether any other damage occured when it shorted but normaly not. are you able to get the switch out? shut the power off or unplug the unit before attempting this.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The switch has been removed and has a dark spot on it and is broken but I'm sure I can replace it if need be. The connections have been removed
ok, did the breaker trip ? is that why it completely blank? were you affraid to turn the breaker back on? what i would do at this piont is tape off the wires from the switch and turn the breaker on to see if the clock lights back up. let me know, if the breaker will not reset make sure you push it all the way over to off then back on, if it wont stay on you have a short somewhere in the oven.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
That worked.
The stove is now on, the breaker simply tripped out.
Can I now simply replace the door sensor and should be fine??
yes you should be fine heres the part # XXXXX , Sears has this @ thanks Bryan
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