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Where can I find a manual that will show how to get access

Resolved Question:

Where can I find a manual that will show how to get access to troubleshoot a DLE2516W dryer.

I retired 15 years ago from CFB Kingston (military base) as a civilian appliance repair tech servicing washers, dryers, stoves, vacuums, polishers and low voltage kitchen equipment.

We bought LG appliances 3 years ago and yesterday the motor started to hum. After some time it did come to life but I found out I have no idea how to gain access to the inside to check overheat thermostat, door switch, motor start switch etc. It doesn't seem to be as simple as slipping in a putty knife and popping the top or undoing a couple of screws and removing the front panel.

If you could point me to a manual or email same ( [email protected] ) I would be very grateful.

Thank you

Bob Nadon
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Appliance Medic replied 6 years ago.

Do you still need help with your dryer? There is no manual but I can help you access the insides.

Let me know friend
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My dryer is working alright at this time. However the motor was humming yesterday. This to me suggests a faulty start relay or possibly the motor itself. In any case I am not familiar with how to get inside an LG dryer of this type. I have removed a few screws at the back which allowed me to remove the top cover panel and see the pc board.

My previous experience was mainly with GE, Moffat, McClary, Hotpoint which are essentialy the same machine.

I want to know how to remove sides, back, front or whatever to gain access to the motor, heating element, door switch, rollers, everything. Although I retired 15 years ago I can still use a multimeter and determine which parts are faulty and replace them as required.

Thank you.

Bob Nadon
Expert:  Appliance Medic replied 6 years ago.
Good, glad you up and running. The motor is failing for sure, very common on this model. Removing the top is the first step. With the top removed take the screws out of the control panel. With the screws out the control panel will rotate off. Now you will see the hidden screws that hold the front panel on. Take those out and the two that go through the front by the lint filter.

The front will come off enough to get the lid switch disconnected, with it off the rest should be straight forward. With power off reach in and take the belt off and pull the drum out.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I came across some pic from

Fig 12-1 is an exploded view of the control panel and plate assembly

There is an item labled A130 If this is what you mean when you say "With the top removed take the screws out of the control panel." then I think I am on to it.

Tried to paste in the pic mentioned above but it doesn't seem to work

Thank you

Bob Nadon

Expert:  Appliance Medic replied 6 years ago.
Yep once that is off you will see the screws that hold the front panel to A390 in section 2
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