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i recently purchased a approx. 1997 ge s/s refridgerator.

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i recently purchased a approx. 1997 ge s/s refridgerator. The water line is hooked up the door water works fine, but the icemaker isn't getting any water to it? I checked and the water stops at the solenoid that seperates the door water from the ice machine. So either the ice machine isn't calling for the water? or the solenoid is not opening to allow water to flow? I made sure the door was closed and the the arm in the down position. What would be the most common cause of this problem? The ice machine or the solenoid? The part number on the ice machine is WR30X0327

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Do you have the refrigerator model number?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i beleive it is TFX27ZR
okay let me take a look at this and I'll be back shortly.
ok you say the ice maker cycles correct? the fingers turn?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
NO no movement at all yet?
okay so you have been watching it with the door open or are you checking every few minutes? try this shut the ice maker off then back on does it spit a little bit of water in? is the green light on?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No water at all. What green light? Where is it? Took ice maker out and reinstalled nothing.
is there a toggle switch on the side of the ice maker for turning this on and off or is there a slide switch ? or is the a wire arm on the side you lift up and down? you see what happens is they don't show us the original icemaker only the replacement one so I'm not sure which icemaker you have in yours, I'm just trying to get an idea of what type you have, can you get number off the icemaker itself? Usually there is a number on the icemaker itself I may be able to look up your particular icemaker so I can tell you what to look for on it, this is the one you replace it with but I'm sure it's not like yours because yours is an older model, if it hasn't moved though at all since we started this conversation then the icemaker itself is most likely faulty, here's what the new replacement looks like however,
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
WR30X0327 WIRE ARM. says stop in the up position. on when in down position.

Okay I know which one you have, what I would have you do is the front cover the white part will come off of the icemaker in under it you're going to see this gear, there will be a Phillips head screw holding it on, remove the screw and the gear, then turn the shaft which turns the fingers around clockwise slowly, make a complete revolution at some point you're going to hear a buzz in the back of the refrigerator this would be the water valve coming on, if you do not hear that water valve (it's easier to have somebody get behind the refrigerator in listen) then most likely the icemaker is bad, if you have a voltmeter you can actually test for voltage at the valve as you turn it at some point you will get 120 volts to the valve, the valve is a dual valve so there are two solenoids you have to figure out which one has a line that goes up to the icemaker, the valve will be similar to this one it may even be the exact valve I'm not sure, if you get 120 V to it then the valve is bad, this is the way to test them, hope this helps, thanks, Bryan

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