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My GE washer will not start as usual with the push button.

Resolved Question:

My GE washer will not start as usual with the push button. We did experience a power outage yesterday. Have been through them before with no start up problems. I am wondering if there is a reset button somewhere that I can trip? By the way I can't find my owner's manual.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Neilwill replied 6 years ago.
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The first and most common problem is the lid switch . If this is faulty itthe washer will not start.
And easy test is to open the lid and using the back of a pencil, try pushing it in the hole where the lid switch is and see if it starts. if you have an ohm meter to test the switch this will be the proven test. ( before using the ohm meter unplug the washer). There is a fuse in this washer I'll post a diagram showing the location of the lid switch which is #388 on the diagram and the fuse is #20

If you are unsure about these procedures you may need a hands on tech on location. These are not expensive repairs!

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I checked the lid button to no avail. I was encouraged by you
answer, however. Sometimes the simplist things are the ones
that need attention.

I am not that electrical or mechanical minded and will not get
into the ohm tester. We do have a good repairman that we've used
for ages. I think that I better call him and have it checked out.

The "justanswer" was just a shot in the dark. Could've saved me
service call. But I am satified that you did your best to help me.

Thanks, JM