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I have a 1957 GE COmbination Refrigerator (pink inside with

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I have a 1957 GE COmbination Refrigerator (pink inside with foot pedal opener and freezer on top). We put it in our old home that we are remodeling and it works. However it is difficult to get it in the 40 degree range. The tubes at the top inside of the refrigerator are icing up on the right side (where the inlet is). Freezer works like a charm. I cleaned out underneath it - there was a big mouse nest in there - and know the fan works. It seems to be a little better today after I loosened the magnets in the door last night.
Thanks for the help!
Linda Stoval

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If it's frosting up on one side of the tubes where comes into the refrigerator section it's bad news, it's leaking Freon and is not enough Freon in the refrigerator anymore to cool down all the coils, if one little section is frosting up and the rest are not then it's Freon issue, the problem is this takes R12 refrigerant and they've actually phased that out and it's real hard to come by unless you know an HVAC man it may have some but the problem is also you have to repair the leak before this could be charged up, it's against the law to add Freon to the system if it's leaking which in your case has to be, unfortunately it might be time to give this one up, even if you found somebody their probably going to charge you at least $200-$300 to repair, I hate giving bad news but unfortunately that's what's going on, hope this helps, thanks, Bryan

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX is not good news, but I appreciate it. The largest amount of frost is right as it comes into fridge, so I may see if that could be the leak. I will check for an appliance person with freon here in Colorado. Undecided Linda
sorry, I really hate telling somebody that, but unfortunately that's the case, I wish you all the best those were great refrigerators I've actually worked on a few in my day, they are getting hard to get parts for I'll tell you that, thanks and well wishes, Bryan