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I have a GE - Model GSS25SGRB SS. The water dispenser no

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I have a GE - Model: GSS25SGRB SS. The water dispenser no longer works--no water flow. The icemaker works, but constantly fills up/overflows--appears the automatic stop doesn't work. I saw some other posts about water lines freezing, replacing solenoids, and ice maker chutes. Are you aware of known issues with water lines/water filters/ice makers with this particular model?

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Hi, I'm going to look up your model and take a look at it, you say in the icemaker overflows also and you get no water out of the door correct?

There are number of things that can cause issues with these, one would be the fill valve which is the most likely cause of your problem, do you have a voltmeter? Can you pull a refrigerator away from the wall and have somebody press for water and put your hand on the valve in the back with a line from the house connects and tell me if it vibrates?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The icemaker fills completely up and goes above the supply box when it seems the auto-shutoff should kick in before it gets so full. I do not have a voltmeter, but could pull out fridge and test, but not for about 4 hours since I'm at work right now. How long do you work today? I could be home around 4:45 pm Eastern and check. If you're off, I guess I could do the vibration check and follow up with you via this chat.
I will be on all day checking my responses so just come back and post a reply and I will receive it, talk later, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.


Sorry I'm so delayed in getting back to you, but I did feel the fill valve vibrate when my wife pressed for water in the front dispenser.

So what should we do next?



okay if you pull the bottom grill in the front under the doors you will see a conector on the plastic hose. release the hose by pushing the ring on the connector towards the conector and pull the plastice hose out, put it in a bucket and try the water, see if it comes out into the bucket. let me know.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Water did flow into the bucket

okay, this is a common problem, the line inside the door is frozen, this can be a pain to thaw, its inside the door and is cover by the liner and encased in Styrofoam inside the door, taking a hairdryer to the inner door liner is probably the best way to thaw this out, just run the hairdryer up and down the door inside until the water starts flowing again, the other way is to leave the door open for about four hours but if you don't have a freezer the put your food in the thermostat defrosting the food, stupid set up what they do is they put the line up in and then they put the blown in Styrofoam in and then the door liner, you can't really take it apart to get to it you just have to defrost it, at least you know your valve is good and you switches and all that I working, you just need to get it defrosted and it will start working again, hope this information is useful, good job by the way, thanks and well wishes, Bryan
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