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I have a 532 sub zero frig frez... The frig side is not getting

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I have a 532 sub zero frig frez... The frig side is not getting cold as it has been. It has been decreasing over the last 6 mo. I have turn up the temp to 10 and it is getting cold at all. The freezer seems to be working fine. I did pull off the front top grill and vacuum the area and condenser. It was installed aprox 1994 - 96. We have owned it since 2007. Do not know the maintenance history.


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this has two compressors in it, they are in the top where you cleaned the condensor coils the one on the right ride is the fresh food comnpressor, is it running? is it warm, hot, or cold ? does it vibrate?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The one on the right ... smaller of the two, is cool to the touch... The left is warm.

They are not running at he moment The fan is not running ether.

its probably in a defrost cycle right now but the compressor should be warm, its not running, the smaller one is for the refrigerator, this could be a number of issues it may have a bad start relay or a bad cold control or the compressor itself could have failed, you would need a voltmeter and wait for this to come back on and test for voltage to the smaller compressor at the relay, these are difficult to work on and I'm not sure if you have the tools for that, usually if you don't have the correct tools it's best to call a technician to look at this, they would also have the relay with them most likely if that's what it is., We see that a lot, the first step is to see if the compressor is getting power, if it is and it's not starting the relay is probably failed, I'm sending you a link to the diagram, hope this helps, thanks, Bryan,



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Bryan... I am pretty handy and I have a meter. THe freezer is on now w/ Fan. The frig is not. I think the temp went down over time , so could that still be power? Thank you for the link... I looked at it. I can get a visual on the wiring and can chase down the power with my meter. Could some of the cold felt in the frig be from the freezer? If the freon get to low will that cause a shut down from a pressure switch?
So this got warmer as time went on? These are very famous for Freon leakage so I fear that is your issue, it's either that or the compressor is failing, and yes the compressor could shut down if the Freon has leaked out enough,
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Bryan THX... I think that I will call a tech... Any idea how much this should cost , maybe a range? By the way you have been very helpful.... I will hit the green button after your reply. THX Rob
Well that all depends on who you call, I would call around and first find out how much the trip charge is and then ask about labor charge, and always ask it is mileage involved, this can add up, I get like $69.00 original service call and $40 an hour labor, I usually don't charge mileage unless it's extremely far and then I will just add on a flat rate, depending on what's wrong with it and how many hours it takes to repair it well you get the idea, but these are expensive refrigerators not easy to move and get a new one in there so it's worth at least getting it looked at, parts are extra too, I really hope I've been of some help thanks very best wishes, Bryan
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
You're welcome, thank you, Bryan