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Dear Maytag, I have a Neptune electric dryer(mde4000ayw).

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Dear Maytag,

I have a Neptune electric dryer(mde4000ayw). The drive motor stopped working(drum stopped turning). I was surprised because the motor was replaced 4 months ago. Removed the door and front panel. troubleshooting I found the thermal fuse was open(the thermal fuse at the air flow not the heater). I also noticed the heater seemed to stay on all the time. Replaced the thermal fuse and the unit will run and dry, but the heater stays on at all times. When the unit is stopped and the motor is off and the door is open the heater stays on. Unless the timer is off the heater is on. The heater will adjust when the heat control lever is moved down and will go off if the heat control lever is moved all the way down to air fluff. Help!

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Your heater is shorted to the ground, or otherwise the can the heater is in, most likely the heater has sagged after years of use and has touched the side of the heater can, you need to pull your heater out or since you do have a voltmeter unplug the dryer and take one wire off of the heater itself not the thermal fuse that you replaced but the heater put your meter on ohms or if you have a meter that beeps for continuity put it on the beep then put one probe on the heater can and the other probe to one of the heater terminals, preferably the one you took off, if this shows continuity your heater shorted, or if the meter beeps, I'm 99% sure this is your problem, here is your heater, if you do it the way I told you you won't have to remove it from the dryer to test it, let me know whether it is shorted but I believe it is, hope this helps, thanks, Bryan

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