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Am unable to get ice from dispenser, appears clogged. Ice

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Am unable to get ice from dispenser, appears clogged. Ice has formed on dispenser distributing ice . It cont. to build up on underside of dispenser also.This is on my side by side refrig.

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is it the flap the ice comes out of thats clogged or the auger assembly where the ice is held?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
auger assembly I think.. I moved here in 12-29-10 & ever since I arrived there has been ice build up on uunderside of dispenser.
Is the flap closing tightly with the ice comes out? You can take a flashlight and shine it up the chute and see if you can see light coming through the other side, also have you taken the ice auger out and dumped the ice out and clean it out real good and then put it back in and see if it moves?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

tHERE IS ICE IN THE RECEIVER TRY & COMES OUT WELL. iTS AT THE ENTRANCE THRU THE HOle THAT APPEARS FROZEN & CLOGGED WITH ICE. When I push the cube or crushed ice it appears to grind but nothing happens. What do you mean by the ice auger, ? I,m not sure how to take this out. I finally bought a filter after I read the directions to this refrig. Its too complicated for a 78 yr. old I guess ha

Well the auger is the part the ice is in when you open the door is in the top and has the ice in it this pulls out, if you pull part number seven on this diagram out the auger will come out with the ice and all, we need to see whether it's broken inside by dumping the ice out and taking a look at it, also if you've got Frost in ice buildup around the entrance the ice comes out of most likely the flap is in closing tightly and the freezer is pulling in moist air from the house in it freezes around the flap and eventually will freeze up with the ice will come through anymore, this is most likely the issue, you being 78 years old makes a little tougher to work on this I'm sure, if you don't think you can do these things and you will need to call a technician then unfortunately, let me know, thanks, Bryan

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I'll try once more. When I open the freezer door the the build up of icesrapes on theunder sideof insider of dispenser. I emptied the ice drawer & put it back, but the inside of holder is frozen with the ice that is in it & it won,t dispense. I could chop it out I guess, but feel this won,t solve the problem. I had called sears & was told the service call was $129. I thought this high.
yes that is high, try taking a hair dryer to it and defrosting it completely. then see if the ice comes out, also check the flap once its defrosted and see if its closing tightly.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I,ll try the hair dryer thing, but in the past I have chipped away the ice but it cont. to form. I gather I will have to call a repairman if I want this fixed. Thanks anyway..
Well I'm sorry I couldn't do a lot more, it seems to me though and from experience that I've run into issues either the flap is in closing tightly allowing Frost buildup around the chute or one year gaskets is actually leaking and it's drawing in air which is freezing and causing buildup around the chute, it's hard to say without being there but check your door gaskets also and make sure they are sealing tightly all the way around, especially on the bottom make sure there isn't one hanging down or loose, thanks, Bryan
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