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(Kenmore) washer wont spin dry with clothes in it

Resolved Question:

(Kenmore) washer won't spin dry with clothes in it
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  servicegeek replied 6 years ago.
Hey i will help you. Will the washer try to turn the tub or does it just make noise? If you raise and lower the lid do you hear a click noise? Reply back to me and let me know. Thanks David
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
it spins if there aren't any clothes in it
Expert:  servicegeek replied 6 years ago.
OK i want you to check the motor coupling. Check this and let me know what you find. If this is ok and not broken it will just be a bad motor.

1) Unplug the washer. Remove the 2 Phillips screws that retain the console. (On some machines, these are hidden under console end caps that must be pried off. On newer models, they're on the back of the console). Rotate the console fwd, then up and back; it will hang back out of the way if the washer's away from the wall far enough.

2) Unplug the white lid switch plug and pry up the 2 large clips that hold the cabinet to the washer back panel.

3) Tilt the entire cabinet forward and it'll unhook from the retainers on the base. Lift the cabinet off and set aside (not as heavy as it sounds!)

4) Pry the two clips off the pump and pull it off the motor shaft. Push it aside, leaving the hoses attached.

5) Remove the motor harness plug, and capacitor wires (if used). Remove the 2 shipping screws from the 2 large clips that hold the motor and pry them off, bottom one first, then tilt the motor down and remove.

6) Pry the round, white plastic coupler pieces off both the motor shaft and gear case and discard. You'll probably find the rubber portion of the original coupler badly worn, and one or more of the plastic drive pegs broken off.


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
decided to go buy a new one .. this one has been worked on several times