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I have a Maytag LSE 7806ACE Stacked, that seems to be unbalanced

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I have a Maytag LSE 7806ACE Stacked, that seems to be unbalanced during the spin cycle even with an empty machine. It is not violent, but more than it used to. The machine is level and solid (you cant rock it at all.)

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so this is not really banging around correct?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
True, after the spin begins to reach its top speed, the machine pulsates as if there was an imbalanced load of clothes inside.
well this could be a number of different issues, one even though it's solid to the floor the feet may need to be adjusted these machines are very difficult once they start to wobble to get straight again this one here is especially difficult because it is a stackable and it's hard to get out the rear feet sometimes just adjusting the front feet will take care of it though, the front feet and the rear have lock nuts on them that would need to be loosened and then turn the feet sometimes bringing them up a little bit and then tighten the knot again and keep trying the machine to see if it improves, the other thing that could be a problem is the balance ring, sometimes these will slip or move and so the tub off balance, this is snapped onto the top of the tub, this can also be a real pain to get at the top of the machine but have to come off to do that, and finally you may have a worn spin bearing, this is probably the most difficult part to change, if it adjusting the feet doesn't work you may need to call a technician in to repair this, these are great machines and have been for many years but they are difficult to work on, hope this information is useful, thanks and well wishes, Bryan
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