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Ive replaced the water filter on my G E side by side refrigerator

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I've replaced the water filter on my G E side by side refrigerator but ice cubes are still not being made. I've followed instructions from the refrigerator manual and also the water filter. How can I tell if there is a blockage in any of the hoses on the back of this appliance? If there is a blockage, can a "handy" person fix it or is a repairman needed?
Hi....Bob here... I see you are having a problem with your fridge..Does the water option on the dispenser work ok..?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The water dispenser does not work all the time. I've had a repairman in and he heated the inside of the door with a hair dryer. It worked for a while but then the water stopped. I did the hair dryer thing and it worked. We got tired of going back and forth with this method and stopped using the water dispenser. At this time, it does not work.
But it is function able...Most common problem with a ice maker not working is a frozen waterline to the ice maker..It will freeze at the fill area of the ice maker..You can check this by following the waterline down to the water valve at the back of fridge...Remove the waterline at the valve..Blow into the line..If you cannot blow through then the waterline is frozen..Unplug and thaw..Or you can also use a hairdryer to thaw...Also check the to see if there is ice in the ice maker tray before removing waterline.Let me know what you come up with..
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