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Hello I have a Kenmore model 51562101 side by side refrigerator

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Hello I have a Kenmore model 51562101 side by side refrigerator freezer with in door ice maker. Everything was fine until I pulled it out to clean. Ever since I cleaned, the freezer is only cooling to 10 degrees. Ice Cream and bread is soft. Meat is okay. Refrigerator is fine cooling to around 34 degrees. I vacummed dust and dog hair front and back....

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This should be three numbers before the rest of your model number like 110, 106, 665, or some other combination can you get back to us? Also how long was this unplugged or did you unplug it or shut it off while you cleaned it? Did you clean inside or behind and underneath only?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Bryan, I did not unplug the frig, just slide it out to clean behind and underneath where it sits. the other three numbers for the model number were teeny tiny 106
Okay super, the first thing you need to check is pull a refrigerator back out and remove the cover over the compressor in the bottom, there will be a fan next to the compressor is that running? It's number 24 on the diagram and the blade is number 2, check and make sure that is running, if it is stopped you can try spinning it with your finger and see if it starts, let me know if that is running. Thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
okay bryan. I checked the back and the fan is not turning. I turned it manually and it did not start up. Interesting is when I cleaned the frig it was moving. I took the back off the clean the dust and it was spinning, not now :(
Yeah unfortunately you need to replace it, you see what happens is this cools the compressor. And when it's not running the compressor shuts down too early, it doesn't run long enough to really freeze everything in the freezer, but it does run long enough to keep the refrigerator section cold that doesn't take as much, the part number is,(NNN) NNN-NNNNthese fans are terrible and eventually they all stop, here is a link to order the part, in the meantime you can place a small fan behind the refrigerator facing the compressor to help cool it and that will get it back down the temperature until you get a new fan, thanks and very best wishes, Bryan
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