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I cant find my Caloric Prestige Series gas stove/oven manual

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I can't find my Caloric Prestige Series gas stove/oven manual and want to clean the oven. I've removed the racks & everything below the oven, locked the oven door and can turn the dial on the right (off-bake-broil-clean) to "Clean" but can't turn the temperature dial on the left to "clean" - it won't move past broil. I know it's something simple but can't remember - what do I need to do?

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Can you get me the model number? It should be in the bottom drawer on a tag, thanks, Bryan

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The bottom drawer doesn't have a model #, nor does the back of the stove. Inside the oven, on the top edge that meets the door when it's closed, is the #35-302251-05-0. I do have the installation instrucctions (I must have discarded the wrong thing), and this has a number on the outside of the instruction sheet - #36-300850-02-0.

Does either of these numbers help?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The site said that you had replied but I don't see your reply to my last question regarding model #.
I can bring up that number but can't seem to get the diagrams to come up, you say you can't get the dial to go past broil to the clean ? The parts and diagrams are hard to find for this is this a real old unit?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Probably from 1992 when we remodeled.
Okay well I know what the issue is the thing is when I look at the model that you provided the knob for the thermostat temp control doesn't show clean on it, so I can't be sure if I've got the correct model, your knob says clean on it right? If you look at this nkob this is the one they are showing me. And it doesn't have clean on So I am a little confused, if yours has clean on it and it won't go all the way around to the clean than the thermostat itself is bad, it would need to be replaced, you can't force these in it means the inside of the thermostat is broken, let me know if that knob is not yours, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No, that's not it. Attached is a jog of my dial.graphic
Yeah that's what I thought it's not same one, the numbers you gave me I've checked them and only come up with a few different models that are close, and they come up as Tappan ranges which is possible because Tappan did make caloric for a while back in the 90s, my problem is I can't get you a thermostat number without being sure, the # XXXXX is as close as I can get to your model, unfortunately most of these have probably been removed from the databases, you may need to call a technician in to look at this he can probably get the number off the thermostat itself, I know that's not what you want to hear but unfortunately I don't see any other way of finding your thermostat for you, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks - I guess I'll clean the oven as best I can and leave it to the new owner to keep the oven or buy a new one.
Yes I'm real sorry I've tried everything to bring up your exact model but I can said they've probably take them out of the database after so many years they don't keep them in there because they have so many other models that have to add, only so much room on the databases so they start remove them after about 12 years sometimes less nowadays, they are coming out with so many new models and makes that have so many more parts to them that they need the space to add the new ones, thanks so much for you patience have a good day, Bryan
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