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I have a Frigdaire 1500 series dishwasher and starting about

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I have a Frigdaire 1500 series dishwasher and starting about 3 months ago we noticed it makes this unbelievable noise once the wash cycle starts ( about 3-5 minutes after pressing "start") We always set the delay option so it runs at night after we go to bed. But thats not possible now because it sounds like a freight train going through our kitchen! We purchased this dishwasher specifically for the "run quiet" feature it advertised. I took the lower panel off beneath the door and noticed a small puddle of water and rust under what looks like the main pump located right in the middle of the bottom of the tub and behind a small black part with what looks like a copper solenoid in it. What could be causing this noise?

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Is this the pump you were talking about?With the water is coming out of?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes. There seems to be a metal bracket that joins the part in the photo to a larger, plastic, molded piece located directly under the center of the tub. The metal bracket that joins the 2 is rusted and from the water stains, it seems the majority of the water has leaked directly that bracket. Right now the concrete under these parts has a fresh water stain measuring about 8-10 inches across. We ran the dishwasher yesterday morning before leaving for work.
Yeah that's not good, means you need to replace that pump assembly, most likely what's happened is the impeller assembly has come loose in it also which will account for the noise, you can order this part at the following link, when the impeller assembly comes Lose it can break the seal and leak, here are all of diagrams if you click this link, that should help you take it apart, thanks and well wishes, Bryan
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