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Barry - thanks for the answer....I should have printed it out

Customer Question

Barry - thanks for the answer....I should have printed it out cause now I can't get to it1 can you resend your answer?
[email protected]
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Barry G. replied 6 years ago.
Hi Brian, below is a copy and paste. CLICK HERE for the original thread and you can save that to your favorites. Thank you for using our service and please return when you need us again.


Hello Brian, It does help. Thats the relay and overload on the compressor. Normally GE refrigerators do not break there.

The part mounts on the side of the compressor and is held on by a cover or a retainer clip. If its a cover that cover has a lock and its locked at the top. You will probably need 2 flat tip screw drivers to get that off. The lock is very tight and hard to get loose. The diagram below shows the location of the overload and relay set.

Example Diagram
View Full Image
View Full Image

To replace that part UNPLUG THE UNIT. Remove the retainer clip and cover and pull the part straight off. Have the new part in hand and remove the wires one at a time and place that wire on the new part one at a time so the wires do not get mixed up. The part number for that part is WR09X10107. That is a factory part number you can shop anywhere with. One place that has it online is located HERE. The best thing to do is take the parts in hand to an appliance parts store and let them match up the part because I do not believe that number is an exact replacement part. I think that is going to be a generic number even though it is the one GE has as the replacements I stated above this is probably going to be the problem, and it is going to be the only thing you can do to attempt a repair. There is a chance the compressor is bad and if the repair does not work you will have to call for service. If you do the following is what you need to know before accepting an agreement for service.

Do you have a license to recover freon? (They must be licensed its federal law) That way they just cannot come out without you knowing and charge you then leave because they do not have one.

What is the minimum you charge for a sealed system repair?

Please and lastly ask them to bring the tools needed to repair a blockage. They may find a part of your unit that is clogged and be able to repair it that day .

This will give you some idea if you want to repair it or not.