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How to install Kenmore Elite dishwasher food grinder screen

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How to install Kenmore Elite dishwasher food "grinder" screen? I see a slot in the assembly that seems like it is where the screen should fit, but once it is in, the blade rotates freely, and I suspect that it is not engaged in the drive mechanism.

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-Could you explain your situation a little more?
What is the Kenmore 11 digit model number?

Kenmore Elite dishwasher

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks fore the quick reply. The model number is XXXXX
There would ne 11 nubers in the model number .
Example 665.12345678

-Could you explain your situation a little more?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Jeez, they have 66 billion different models?? :)
Okay, Thanks for the number. Read this while I look up your model.

This diagram shows how to remove and secure a Kenmore screen
Do you see how the screen is attached in the last diagram?

This diagram shows how to remove and secure a Kenmore screen
View Full Image
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Well, yes, I do. But I think that this will not solve my real problem. The issue is the lack of engagement in with the impeller shaft. The reason why I'm here is that I have cleaned the screen two time in the past month and it gets clogged in no time, so I suspect that the blade is not turning to keep it clean.

So, perhaps I should be asking, "Why do I have to clean the screen twice in a month?"
Did you insatll it like this?

First, notice that the chopper blade screen has a smaller circumference on the lower half that must slip down into grooved area. The chopper blade is spring loaded so that the blade is held close to the chopper screen. It will be necessary to pull the chopper blade away from the chopper screen in order for it fit over the shaft of the impeller. You may have to rotate the chopper blade until it springs outwards and couples to the impeller.
The rest of the guys here suggest dishwasher magic.
BUT, I found that TWO bottles of Finish dishwasher cleaner used simultaneously in one wash cycle without dishes and letting the hot water run in the kitchen sink for a minute before starting the dishwasher will clean out and open the spray passages. Run the Potscruber cycle!!
Then after the first two bottles I run one bottle once a month or one every other month. This is in my dishwasher at home. Two at once stopped my problem. I almost replaced my dishwasher. And since you will be rinsing them off now you will be okay after the two bottle machine cleaning. Just went through this a couple of months ago in my own.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Right, I have the smaller circumference side of the screen on the bottom. I fashioned a spacer tool to hold the blade firmly away from the screen so I could insert it without running into the impeller shaft; then I remove the spacer and the blade springs back into place.

However, once in place, I can freely rotate the blade. The castellated nylon coupler on the inside off the blade shaft seems to be in good condition. Of course, I can't see the end of the impeller shaft very well, but I can feel a matching set of four lugs to engage the nylon coupler.

Ah, just got your most reply. Yeah, I realize that we're not dealing with a garbage disposal here - just a coarse filter with a sweeping arm to help keep it clean.

I appreciate the Dishwasher Magic suggestion, but it is clear that there is insufficient pressure/flow in the top arm in particular. My issue is not a bit of film or haze on glasses - after two washings, there are still obvious bits of food on the underside of bowls in the top rack. I had the same problem two weeks ago and after cleaning the screen, all was well until a couple days ago. In the meantime, I have been especially diligent about rinsing dishes before putting them in the washer.

From the description you give it would seem some food is getting past the course object filter.

There are no service issues with the chopper on this model.

.You may need to rinse off the dishes a little before putting them through the wash.

The dishwasher is not a disposal and there are limits to how much food it can handle.

I have customers who refuse to rinse their dishes and have the same problems.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
It seems like you didn't read my reply.

As I say, I have been especially diligent about rinsing dishes before putting them in the washer. And I am not expecting it to grind food for me. But I am expecting it to deal with a bit of lettuce or oatmeal (both of which I have seen clogging the screen.

I have had this dishwasher for 10 or fifteen years and haven't had this problem until recently. So, I am about to buy a new one, but would prefer to repair this one if it makes sense.

I guess my question at this point is, "Once I have installed the screen and blade, should I be able to rotate the blade freely?"

Oh, It only cost $4.29 a bottle at Wal mart
had mine ten years before this started. Going to replace it next year anyway.
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