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The trap door on my matag freezer MZD2766GES brohe off. I had

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The trap door on my matag freezer MZD2766GES brohe off. I had it repaired by the store we purchased it. After replacing the insert a terrible wining sound started. They came back out and said that they could not duplicate the noise and everything seemed fine. Three hours later I opened the refrigerator and it was filled with water, to the point that the shelves looked like waterfalls. I shut off the water leading to the ice maker/water dispencer. I then noticed that water was dripping from the aeal on the bottom of the freezer door. What went wron...should I be concerned that there was water inside my door

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did they replace the round part in this picture?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ok, could you tell where the water was comming from? Was it comming into the ice maker and overflowing?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I don't know. The ice maker seemed to be working fine. There was no water in the freezer. When I opened the door of the frig it was filled with water but I could not tell were it came from. The very bottom of the frig had no water. but the top 3 shelves and the first drawer were filled
ok, this can only be one of two things if all the water was in the fresh food section, either the filter housing is cracked or one of the water lines leading to it, since the very bottom of the frig didn't have any water that tells me its not the chiller cracked because there would be water at the bottom also, heres the diagram, the filter housing is # XXXXX on the diagram, this has to be the issue, have them come back and check those things, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Should I be concerned that there was water in my freezer door? Will this cause mold or mildew problems later on
where is the water in the freezer door? in the dispenser?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The water was dripping from the rubber seal on the bottom of the door
well this will stop after it dries out if the water to the refrigerator is shut off. you should however get them back out there as soon as possible to find the problem, its seems the water must have sprayed into the door liner. if you have a spare refrigerator you can move your food and open the door and let it dry out, other than that you need them back out there, there should be any issue with how this runs though until they can get back out there, place a towel under the door to catch the water,
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I had someone come to the house yesterday.( Not the original person) The gentleman searched for about 1/2 for a crack in any of the lines but was unsuccessful. He was very confused about water in the frig. We talked for a little bit about exactly what the other tech did.

He played around with the filter cap located on the ceiling of the refrig and apprently did not put it back on properly. When I was cleaning up all the water I found this cap between the shelf and the back of the refrig so I just screwed it back in. Well that was where all the water was coming from.

Thanks for your help, if you had not suggested the leak being tubing I would have ended up with a new icemaker I did not need.

That's really good to hear, to be honest without being there these are very difficult problems to diagnose online, I'm so glad you got it fixed and it didn't cost you an arm and leg for new icemaker, good job, thanks and best wishes, Bryan