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gene, RV Mechanic
Category: Appliance
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i have a rm 2652 dometic refer in my rv fifth wheel which we

Customer Question

i have a rm 2652 dometic refer in my rv fifth wheel which we live in. after a very cold night (sub zero) here in northern idaho it quit working. the panel lights still worked and so did the interior light. after it warmed up a cople of days it started working again why?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  gene replied 6 years ago.
We had the same problem here in New Mexico,I called Dometic and asked why,they stated the mixture in the cooling unit will gel at these temps and the cooling unit will quit working,its best to turn it off in these temps,if it runs to long in temps that low it will damage the cooling unit.I personally have replaced three of them myself that were damaged from the low temps we had here and know of a forth unit that needs replacing.The ones I did replace ended up having a blockage just above the boiler,you could see where it got extremely hot in the blocked area.This is the first time I have seen this,but we haven't had these extreme temps in 20-30 years here.