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GE JGSP28SEK2SS running on LP: oven burner, when cold, will

Resolved Question:

GE JGSP28SEK2SS running on LP: oven burner, when cold, will not ignite until or unless a range (or perhaps the broiler) burner is aflame. The igniter glows, and it's obvious that the oven burner valve will not open, but why?

If the oven burner area is still warm, however, the burner will ignite. I can see no difference in the intensityof the electric igniter's glow (which becomes quite intense after about 30 seconds from the time the oven is switched on).

Once the oven is heated up, it will maintain the selected temperature through the cooking cycle.

While experimenting with the oven, I noticed that the broiler emits an audible low-frequency metallic tone just as the burner lights, and persists for 5-10 seconds. Could this be from the thermal expansion of the plate just above the burner? I sort of doubt that because the noise is evident before the temperature of the plate could have risen more that just a few degrees.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  william replied 6 years ago.
Which one isnt working the bake or the broil?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
<p>oven. </p><p> </p><p>to be perfectly clear, it's the bake burner, thre one on the bottom of the oven.  </p>
Expert:  william replied 6 years ago.

You need a new ignitor (Bake Ignitor) Thats what opens up the valve.






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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I'm not going to accept your answer until you or someone else can explain why opening a burner on the range will cause (or allow) the bake burner to light immediately. Seems to me that the igniter is hot enough to ignite the gas because the gas does ignite if another burner is on. how is a new igniter going to make a difference? I can tell you that there is no obvious difference between the behavior of the broiler igniter and the bake igniter respecting their apparent intensities and the the time it takes to ignite their respective burners (when another burner is drawing fuel, in the case of the bake burner).


I would test your hypothisis by interchanging the two igniters, if they are identical. Are they identical;?

Expert:  william replied 6 years ago.

OK then this is what you do. Put a ohm meter on the 2 wires you will need to disconnect them first.This dosent work like what you think it does.


You should get a reading between 50 and 150ohms if it falls within that range it's good
If not then its bad.






Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ok. I'll acquire a multimeter tomorrow and test both igniters. busy tomorrow, so I'll get back to you on tuesday.
Expert:  william replied 6 years ago.
Ok about what time you think? When testing make sure you pull the plug.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I'm as interested as you are, but I have to find a time when I can take over the kitchen to do this. This afternoon looks promising.

Any thoughts on the relationship between the bake oven and a range-top burner?
Expert:  william replied 6 years ago.

Not really not unless there might be a loose connection on the control board but i still believe its the ignitor.









Customer: replied 6 years ago.
222 Ohms for the bake burner igniter, 120 for the broiler burner igniter. Good call. I'd appreciate an aftermarket recommendation for this part, which is a Norton model 501A (with 0602 beneath, a mfg date?)

I'll accept your answer on the next post--it's not clear if you can post a comment like this on an accept.