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What can you tell me about a kenmore air filtering system

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<p>What can you tell me about a kenmore air filtering system modelNNN-NN-NNNN </p><p>How old is it?</p><p>Is an owners or repair manual available?</p><p>Parts? like filters?</p><p>'lectrostatic, huh? So it cooks the dust, right? </p><p>With a bright blue flash and snap, right? </p><p>Should it be cooking several particles a minute? </p><p>If true, it's as noisey as it is spooky. </p><p>It's safe to leave this thing alone? </p><p>Or go to sleep with it on?</p><p>If you can competently tell me about this thing, I will pay more than $14</p><p> Thank you</p><p>John</p>
I will check this out for you.

Here is what i found you will have to buy the charchol filter when its time to change it usally every 3 months and as far as the electronic filter that is washable. This is just like a normal one all except for the electrostaitc and yes you will here it popping thats the charge that it is eleminating the dust particals. What eles would you like to know about it?


Four Stages to Cleaner, Fresher Air

The air cleaner fan circulates room air through tl_e unit's

different processing stages to help remove pollutants

and household odors.

Large particles like hair and lint are trapped by the

(washable) Pre-Filter.

Smeller particles - dust, smoke, pollen, etc. - pass

through the (washable) Electronic Filter where they

receive an electrical charge.

The charged particles are attracted to a series of

alternately charged aluminum plates, These particles

remain in the Electronic Filter until removed by


As the final step in the process, air then passes through

a Charcoal Filter that helps remove household odors.






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