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The Home Smithy
The Home Smithy, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 9622
Experience:  30 years repairing appliances
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Hello I have a whirlpool cabrio dryer that gets very hot. I

Customer Question

Hello I have a whirlpool cabrio dryer that gets very hot. I am replacing the upper and lower thermostats. It calls for the 279816. The question is....what do I do with the 2 red wires that come off of the old lower thermostat to the control board??
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  The Home Smithy replied 6 years ago.

The Home Smithy :

Hey there, Max. I have a manual that should help you out here. The schematics are at the back opf it.

Customer : I know where the schematic is I just want to know on what do I do with the 2
The Home Smithy :

Gonna be a few to upload the manual. Please stand by

Customer : Wire connector when it changes over to the 279816
The Home Smithy :

Are you sayinmg that there are extra wires on the new componant that werent on the origonal?

Customer : There are 2 wires
Customer : On the dryer( lower thermostat)
Customer : It is a 2 wire connector
Customer : It has a white
Customer : Comnector on the end
The Home Smithy :

Ok is this a single or dual element unit?

Customer : Single element.....with two connectors on the element
The Home Smithy :

Ok click here to download the manual. Go to page 7-2 and have a look at the strip circuits there. There are two thermistors that have red wires coming off of them. The schematic shows where they connect to on the main board

Customer : Well
The Home Smithy :

On the main board locate pinout P4-3 and P4-6 for the outlet thermistor and pinouts P4-2 and P4-1 for the inlet thermistor. I think that due to the high heat the one you want to replace is the outlet thermistor

Customer : How is this going to help me on where to connect the 2 red wires that come off of the old lower thermostat? I know where it goes on the control board.
Customer : I did replace the outlet thermostat on the rear of the dryer
The Home Smithy :

Ok Im must be missing something here. The wires that came off of the old thermistor should connect to the new one.

The Home Smithy :

Is there no place to hook the wiores to on the new thermistor?

Customer : No
Customer : It calls for part number 279816
The Home Smithy :

Ok I see what you mean. There is a modification to this part for some reason. Unfortunatly I dont have the information you need, Max. There is an instruction sheet that should have come with the kit. Please click here to see what Im talking about.

The Home Smithy :

You might try calling APP and just tell them that you didnt get the instruction sheet and see if they can e-mail you a copy of it.