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Hello. I have a GE refrigerator with a Samsung IMC701 icemaker.

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Hello. I have a GE refrigerator with a Samsung IMC701 icemaker. The icemaker has been making a loud knocking sound. I removed it from the refrigerator and confirmed that there were ice cubes in the ice maker, but it appears that the arm that is supposed to rotate and push the arms out was stuck. I can now move the arm by hand, is there a way to confirm whether the mechanical portions are working correctly prior to putting the icemaker back in?
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There is not a way to confirm if the parts are working. The icemaker won't even cycle without it being less than 5 degrees, so you just need to re-install the icemaker in the refrigerator and wait about 24 hours to see if it works or not.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Before I put the ice maker back in do you have any explanation for the loud knocking sound? It was definitely coming from this unit, it was like it couldn't push the ice out. Is there any possibility of the gears being damaged?
there is a possibility of the gears being bad, but the knocking noise usually comes when the icemaker is trying to cycle but it's jammed for one reason or another (usually a piece of ice preventing it from moving). Usually if you just thaw the icemaker out with a hair dryer, it will start to function properly again. If not, there isn't much you can do but to replace the icemaker itself.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I put the icemaker back in yesterday afternoon and as of this morning there is no ice. My next question has to do with the "handle" on the right side of the icemaker. I think that it's purpose is to close a switch when the ice tray is full. It has an extremely small range of motion and seems to be almost completely up. Is this supposed to have a bigger range of motion? By the way, prior to putting the icemaker back in I did take off the cover and lock at the gears. When I pull the motor out the assembly moves freely, so the fact that it is difficult to turn by hand comes from the motor. I'm not sure if that is what to be expected.


One more question - there is a "Test Switch" button on the side of the icemaker - what is this for? Thanks?

yes, it's supposed to have a 90 degree range. It should go down against the body of the icemaker and then up perpendicular to the icemaker. If it's not working like that, take the icemaker apart and see if there is anything you can see physically wrong, if not you'll need to replace the icemaker.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I removed the motor and operated the gears by hand. Once the gears reached a certain point the arm was released and dropped down. As I continued to turn the gear the arm was brought back up - I continued to turn the gear and go through this cycle without any problems. I then put it all back together with the arm in the down position and reinstalled it in the refrigerator. Over the course of the night the arm was brought back up, and the ice maker is again making the knocking sound. It seems like the motor is having a problem pushing the ice out. Do you know if the motor can be replaced separately?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I did not receive a reply to my post on February 11th at 9:11AM. I provided an update on my troubleshooting effort and asked another question regarding replacement of only the motor. I would also like to know the purpose of the test switch. Thanks.
you just need to replace the icemaker and stop trying to fix the old one, as I stated before, they are not designed to be repaired, just replaced if they start to fail.
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