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Ice maker works at will, maybe once per month. Six weeks ago

Resolved Question:

<p>Ice maker works at will, maybe once per month. Six weeks ago it got started and filled the ice tray. Then it quit again for 3-4 weeks when it made one batch and quit. Same several times. ???</p><p>Also, freezer ices over on the back and requires very frequent defrosting in order to work properly. </p>
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Bryan replied 6 years ago.

Hi,Welcome to Just Answer, My name isXXXXX will be helping you with your appliance issue today.


first off its not the ice maker its the freezer not being cold enough, the frost on the back panel means you have a defrost problem, when this happens the freezer rises above the temp it needs to be to produce ice, the freezer needs to be between 0-10 degrees for the ice maker to cycle, thats your issue, you need to defrost the freezer and find whats causing this not to defrost, most likely in your case its the defrost thermostat,

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or the defrost timer,

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its one of the two, you need to remove the back panel in the freezer behind the food and defrost all the frost form the coils, this will temporarily fix the issue, if you don't to test electrical parts I would then call a technician in to determine which part is bad, thanks and well wishes, Bryan

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I already intend to change the defrost timer, heater and thermostat. I am ready to order the parts. Do I have to tear the have to get at these things from the inside of the freezer or can I get at them from the back or a different way?


And then the ice maker is going to work?

Expert:  Bryan replied 6 years ago.
Okay, the defrost thermostat is clipped to the top of the evaporator coils behind the panel I told you to remove in the back of the inside of the freezer, the heater is also they there, the defrost timer is number 12 on this diagram and it is in the control panel in the refrigerator section,

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and yes once you get the freezer working correctly and at the right temperature the icemaker will work again, it absolutely has to be between 0-8 degrees in order for the icemaker to operate, that's why sometimes it may make a batch of ice because the freezer may reach that temp once in a while and the icemaker will kick on and running cycle, if you replace all three of those parts you will definitely solve issue, thanks and well wishes, Bryan
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