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I have a 7 or 8 year old MAV7600AWQ washer. It no longer spins

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I have a 7 or 8 year old MAV7600AWQ washer. It no longer spins or washs. When the timer clicks to that position you can hear the motor click in then you smell something burning. There are three pulleys underneath the washer. The middle one for the drum spins freely as does the motor pulley. However the third pulley doesn't move by hand. Not sure where to go from here.

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Does this just fill with water and then you hear the motor click in and it doesn't agitate? I'm not talking about the spin talking about the agitation,



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Correct. It will fill with water then click then nothing but a buzzing sound from the motor and a burning smell.
Okay great, I need you to do one thing of course is probably full water correct? Your pump is jammed up and that's what's going on this happens a lot in the washing machines, if it's not full of water what you need to do is tip the machine up in take the belt off, put it in spin and see if the motor runs then, if it's the pulley in the front right corner of the machine that won't turn that's the pump, you may have something jammed in it like a sock or the pump may have failed itself, is it the one in the front right corner that won't turn?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Right on! I am pretty sure it is the one in the front right that won't turn. And I will confirm it once I get the water out and so on. Once I confirm that, how do I clean out the pump? Pull it all out and look into the inlets and outlets? Or is there a better method?




I'm sending diagrams now, okay on this machine the whole top lifts up, what you need to do is get a thin putty knife and along the top between the front and the top there are two clips about 3 inches in from each side, number 26 on the diagram. Pushed them in and lift the top up, then there will be screws to remove the front panel down along the sides or possibly on the top of that panel I'm not completely sure by the diagram.

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Once the front is removed you will see the pump, just take the clamps off the hoses and you'll probably see something in the pump you can maybe pullout with a pair of needle nose pliers, if you need to remove the pump altogether there will be screws around the pump to remove it, here's the diagram of the pump assembly, the pump is number 4 thanks and well wishes, Bryan
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