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our ge profile fridge model pss26mstc ss has lights on but

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our ge profile fridge model pss26mstc ss has lights on but the motor is clicking on and off. The display panel inside the frige shows nothing excetp "HRS" flickering on and off in the Express Chill display. On the front freezer panel only the water light if flicking on and off. I tried unplugging the fridge for 30 seconds and plugging it back in, same thing happens. I checked the circuit breaker, its fine, so it seems like something with the compressor. Should it be cleaned monthly or every 6 months? The owners maual doesn't say anything about cleaning.

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Your motherboard is gone in this,

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she has had to redesign these boards four times already if not more because of failure, this is the latest board in it needs to be replaced, if you pull the refrigerator away from the wall there will be an 8 x 10" panel on the back the control board is behind that panel, take the panel off have the refrigerator plugged and listen to see if that clicking is coming from that board, I be willing to bet it is, you can order this board at it's the cheapest price I can find around, the part number is XXXXX thanks and well wishes, Bryan

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

thanks bryan, the notes from other customer on that mother board explain exactly what's been happening to our fridge, intermitent operation, periods of not working, etc. Two other questions:

1 should I get the part from GE directly, the web site you sent me the part looks slightly different so i'm worried its not identical?

2 do I need to mark which plugs go in which spot or are they all self explanetory based on male/female and number of wholes to connect?

Well if you buy through GE. You will get the same exact board, this board has been modified and is the latest one that GE has made, the one at the side I showed you is an original GE part in it comes in the original GE box, as far as the plugs go they only fit in one spot so you can't mess those up, they only fit the plug they belong to, the only change may be depending on your serial number you will have to look on some of these refrigerators GE requires you to cut one wire going to one of the thermistor's because it's no longer needed, that's all explained in the instructions that come with it, trust me that's the original GE part that I sent you the link to, thanks and well wishes, Bryan, PS if you buy from GE you will pay a lot more money the same part,
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