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Hello I have found a 1950s ( ) Norge refrigerator for

Customer Question


I have found a 1950's (?) Norge refrigerator for $350. It runs and cools perfectly. It looks completely unrestored--absolutely clean (inside and out), original compressor, etc. It is in excellent condition and the gaskets are good and seals tight. It only has minor smudges that can be easily cleaned up. I believe, to completely restore it, it would only need a modern energy efficient compressor recharged with R-12 blend refrigerant and condenser rack. The coolant may have been replaced with old stuff at some point, but never upgraded for modern coolant. Is it still ok to use this way or do I need to upgrade? If it has to be upgraded, what would be the cost?

Nothing needs to be done cosmetically. Cosmetically, it looks almost new--just shows minor, normal use of a few years. My modern 8 year-old Kenmore shows more usage.

I have the following info, from the frigde:
56"h, 22"w, 22"d (approximations), white exterior with N O R G E name (individual metal letters), left side handle is elongated (vertical) diamond-shape, light blue inside door, dark gray or black ice box cover (says Norge), two bottom crispers, one top cooler shelf/bin below ice box, all parts, shelves, etc., are intact and extremely clean.

Cabinet Model No. 710-180-0
Cabinet Serial No. S489499
Chassis Serial No. D713403
Chassis Part No. O??5104
Made in Chicago
A stamp on the back says,

There is also, about 5"x7" paper label original schematic on the back.

I would like to know, whatever info you could provide me...the year of manufacture, the model, value as described, value if completely restored to modern specs.

Thank you,

Gene Margolis
Boulder, CO
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  John replied 6 years ago.

Your best source for the kind of information you seek is websites that specialize in antique appliances. If you type the words 'antique norge refrigerator' in your search box, you'll be given several websites to check.


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