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Bosch Maxx Comfort WFR 3230 Washing machine Hello there! I

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Bosch Maxx Comfort WFR 3230 Washing machine

Hello there!

I wonder if you may be able to help? I have a problem with mould on the rubber door seal of my Bosch Maxx WFR 3230 front loader washing machine (purchased only a few years ago). Tenants have left the door closed and not wiped the seal or aired out the machine. I have tried white vinegar and baking soda yet to no avail. Borax has also been suggested and I am keen to use something that is more natural yet doesn't void my guarantee and/or degrade the machine.

What are your suggestions on types & quantities for detergents and maintenance for keeping the machine mould-free as mould is a health issue and once there can be a recurring issue.

Also if I need to replace the gaskett (as it's really bad) who can do this in my area (Hastings, New Zealand) and what might the implications be?

I can provide a picture if that helps.

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards

Ok, let me start by saying if the mold is established you can't chage the discoloration. Nothing will fix that short of replacing the seal and if you wanna do that you need a tech. Those springs are a pain in the butt to change.


Now for what you asked. To clean the seal take straight bleach, mix it with water 50/50 and wipe the seal all clean. DO NOT LEAVE this on there long. Wipe back over it with water. The bleach will kill all of the mold and remove what discoloration can be removed. To prevent regrowth leave the door open and/or wipe it when done.


As for the odor and regrowth. AFTER the door boot is cleaned take 1 cup of white vinegar and run it in the machine on a hot water wash. NO clothes. This will elmiinate any detergent or mold in the bottom sump area and prevent the moldy smell. Sometimes you have to do this 2-3 times if the mold is well established. More vinegar won't help much faster but should have a clean smell when done.


Please remember to click accept and leave feedback unless you have more questions. Have a good rest of the evening. Thanks!



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